Your guide to creating a sought-after-service -- and brand-new revenue stream -- that makes you 
in-demand to potential clients EVERYWHERE

Wouldn’t it be amazing to offer a service that your clients want and need...that hardly any other marketing or VA businesses provide?

(Ummm... yes please!)

You could finally stop feeling the constant pressure of marketplace competition!  

Instead of wondering where next month’s sales are coming from, you would always have a magically-full pipeline of your ideal clients and consistent, predictable recurring retainer revenue.  

You could stop having to prospect constantly and instead work ON your business, growing, scaling, and making a lot more money, honey!

And the kicker: the referrals and leads would keep on coming because your happy clients would tell all their friends about what you’ve done for their business, and you'll leverage your results to attract even more clients into your agency.

You could probably...

  • Quit spending hours and hours drumming up new business leads each week
  • Hire help and delegate work (no more copywriting… WHAAA??)
  • Focus on what you’re good at doing in your business
  • Actually take time off and enjoy holidays because you have so many great clients already lined up #vacay
  • Earn a lot more money (...while doing less work)


...I'll drink to that! (margaritas on the beach, anyone??)

Trust me, when you offer a service that no one else does, this is completely possible...

…even if you’ve been in the feast-or-famine cycle with your business for longer than you care to admit.

Plus, all it takes is learning a new skill and implementing for clients...which is something you already do anyway!

Real talk time, folks. You know you’ve tried it all to get traction in your business.

✔ Commenting on social media and offering free advice

✔ Building the most expensive, cool-ass website around

✔ Using Facebook ads to pitch free consults

✔ Spending hours of time online and in-person networking

✔ Providing free work for someone who offered “exposure and contacts”

✔ Doling out every service imaginable

✔✔✔ Spinning your wheels creating transactional relationships galore ✔✔✔

And where have these lead you?

A big fat nowhere.

...and the bills are due and ballet concerts have to be attended, so you’ve got to start making more money AND spend more time with your kids.

It’s time to face reality:

-------->>> If you want to grow your business AND finally have a life again, something has to change.

Enter me and Jeneration PR. 

We’re here to tell you about how you can start offering unique, boutique services that will grow your clients’ business (and yours!) exponentially, and get everyone around wanting to work with you because of your killer results! 

You, my friend, need to start offering PR services in your business...like yesterday.

You can help turn your clients into "Media Magnets..." and I'll show you how!

Hi, I'm Jen!

I’m Jennifer Berson, founder of Jeneration PR, a public relations agency, and creator of Jeneration Academy. 

I’m a former lawyer who quit her 6-figure job to start a PR Agency because I wanted to run a business that doesn’t run me, where I could express my creativity on the job. I had no training, no contacts and no experience in PR when took the leap and left my steady paycheck as a lawyer. 

It turned out to be the best decision I ever made because my clients experience insane levels of success thanks to the media exposure we get them. My agency now services BILLION dollar brands (yes that’s a “b” you see, as in billions! 😉)

Everyone would love to have themselves and their businesses featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider & the Huffington Post... They think there is some magical, secret place you go to get press (there isn’t), or that the media will somehow find them on their own (they won’t).

But I did it for myself, my business, and my clients, and these days, I only work with my ideal clients...and I do all of this with no paid ads. 

All of my clients come to me via referral and word of mouth...not by an expensive marketing campaign that takes up hours of my time!

The #1 thing people tell me about PR and their business is…

I don’t know where to start with PR. I’m completely overwhelmed!

And service providers who offer other marketing services believe there is no way they could offer PR to their clients, or maybe haven’t even considered it...

...but that’s only because they don’t know what all the secrets to running a successful PR Agency are. 

Get ready for a truth bomb, people. The thing is, you can definitely implement PR for your own clients AND for yourself and grow businesses with media exposure. You can do it (I promise!).


Offering PR services is one of the fastest ways to catapult your service-provider business into a 6-figure company.

Why? Because all your ideal clients need PR...and there aren’t enough qualified people to offer it.

And nothing beats the marketing value of PR because it’s free media coverage that simply grows momentum...until you have people clamoring at your door to work with you.


Plus you would never again feel stuck in your business, worry about where the next client is coming from or question your decision to become a service-provider again.

You could actually experience the rewards and lifestyle you dreamed of when you first started down the service-provider business road…

...and say goodbye to dud clients and hello to your ideal customers....forever.


The fastest way to integrate PR services into your existing offerings or launch your own PR to skyrocket your business growth!


>> I Need the Media Magnet Training NOW! <<

In Media Magnet I reveal all the secret strategies, tips, and formulas I use in my own 7-figure PR Agency, Jeneration PR, to get business-growing PR results for my happy, long-standing retainer clients.


Here’s what you get

Establish Your PR Goals and Media Targets

The difference between entrepreneurs who succeed with PR and those who don’t? They have no idea where to start so they give up.

In this video I show you:

  • How to stop sitting on the sidelines and grow your business by identifying your specific, 1-3 top PR goals
  • The EXACT place to start your PR efforts, no matter your goals
  • The repeatable, replicable process you can use time and time again to get results from your PR

How to Research Your Pitch Targets Effectively

The most successful media pitches are strategic and targeted. To achieve that, you need just-in-time research.

In this video I explain:

  • How to pitch with complete confidence in yourself and your story
  • Why mindset is important to your pitch and how to snap out of a toxic one
  • The keys to an irresistible pitch

How to Become Strategically Visible

Getting visible isn’t enough in PR; you need to create meaningful relationships to succeed.

In this video I explain:

  • The qualities that editors, writers, publishers, and entrepreneurs value in a media contact relationship
  • How to be seen by the gate-keepers of the media
  • Exact steps & strategies to begin quality, business-building relationships with media contacts (you can start executing these TODAY!) 

The Perfect Pitch Formula

Your pitch is all about helping the other person. That means you've got to learn what they need from you.

In this video I reveal:

  • How to craft a pitch that gets read by key decision-makers
  • What NOT to do in a pitch (avoid these cringe-worthy mistakes!)
  • The type of mindset that  prevents people from executing great pitches

How to Pull All the PR Pieces Together to Succeed

Now that we have all the pieces to a business-boosting PR campaign, here’s how to pull it all together.

In this video I tell you:

  • What to do if you hate writing or aren’t good at it
  • The secrets to finding contact info for key-decision makers
  • Next steps to repeating the PR process!
>> YES! Sign me up for Media Magnet NOW! <<

The Media Magnet Mini-Course gives you the strategies and formulas I use for up to billion-dollar-brands and mom-and-pop clients every day in my own PR agency.

After implementing Media Magnet, you can:

  • Offer high-paying PR services to your clients, and even turn them into retainer clients with the rinse-and-repeat process

  • Utilize PR for your own brand and business and get a flood of new business...with no other marketing

  • Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from!

Media Magnet dramatically reduces "overwhelmed entrepreneur syndrome," jumpstarts your lead flow, and quickly helps you to hone in on the most powerful marketing strategies available today.


Service based business owners who want to start offering PR services

Branding & social media marketing agencies and freelancers

Digital marketing freelancers

Entrepreneurs who need to DIY their PR... FAST!

Podcasters, bloggers, influencers...anyone trying to get eyes on their content


"Jennifer really helped us figure out how to use our personal story and get it in the press, in a way that puts more eyes on our business and makes us more money. Her strategy is laid out very clearly, step-by-step, to make the program easy to apply in your business and your life. Jen doesn’t hold anything back, so you can literally implement these strategies and start getting results! Super-valuable, not overwhelming, and delivered in a way that got us excited about applying her methods. Thank you, Jen! "

Emily Oberman & Nova Johnstone
Co-Founders, Copy Edit Design

"Jen is the only person I recommend you learn PR and media strategies from, she's the best of the best. She's so legit and her clients get insane results."

Mariah Coz
Founder, Mariah Coz

"I have seen a number of PR "experts" out there but not one of them has provided me the tools, advice, resources, and results that Jennifer has done consistently. I can honestly say my brand and business is better off thanks to Jen."

Jenn Herman
Social Media Expert & Founder, Jenn's Trends

"I found Jen through Instagram and connected with what she was sharing in her Insta Stories. I reached out asking about the PR Agency Accelerator FASTrack Program because I had been searching for an agency specific mastermind group. Jen and I scheduled an introductory call and within the first 5 minutes she gave me a $50K (or more) idea. I could add PR as a revenue stream to my digital marketing agency! At Brand Yourself, we create amazing content for our clients. Now, with the help of Jen and her program, my team can learn how to leverage that content to reach more people for our clients, generate sales, and provide a bigger ROI. I can’t wait to see how this grows my agency! Thanks, Jen!"

Tami Enfield
Founder & Creative Catalyst, Brand Yourself Consulting

Media Magnet Mini-Course is a great deal because I hold nothing back. You can literally take this course, implement PR for your business or clients, and watch sales explode.

It’s easily worth $997, but I am only charging $497!

>> $497 for a DIY PR Campaign? Sign me up! <<

This is the last time you’ll see it for this price, so if you want to take full advantage of adding PR to your services or implementing it in your own business, take advantage now!

>>YES! Sign me up for Media Magnet before the price goes up!! <<

Frequently Asked Questions

You make it sound pretty eash, Jen. Will I really be able to get media coverage of my business if I implement media magnet?

YES! I walk you through all the PR essentials so that you can press coverage for yourself, your brand, or your clients. Implement, get results, rinse & repeat!

I don't luv that whole writing thing. Don't I need to be good at writing to DIY my own PR campaign?

While good writing is essential to a successful PR blitz, it’s ok not to have those writing skills. In Media Magnet, I show you what to do if you’re not good at writing or if you simply don’t like it.

Do entrepreneurs and business owners really need PR services?

As a fully-booked out PR Agency owner who works with billion-dollar brands, I can tell you that yes, businesses really need PR. PR gains momentum over time and can help ensure your clients stay booked out and profitable, and creates insane demand for their brands & products.

What do you think I am, famous? I don't know how to reach out to the media to get exposure! Are you sure this is for me?

Yes!! I created this course specifically to help service providers and entrepreneurs learn exactly where to start with PR and how to get in contact with the right people. This is all covered in Media Magnet.

This seems like work, Jen. Can't I just learn PR through trial & error?

Possibly, yes...because I did. But time is money. If you want a shortcut to learning how to implement PR, this course is a no-brainer...especially at the discounted price.

I would really like to roll in the cash money...soon. Can I charge a lot for my PR services?

Yes! So many business owners need and want media exposure, but they have no clue where to start and they don’t have time to figure it out. But if they don’t get media attention and exposure, their businesses won’t grow. The market demand for PR is high, and there aren’t enough savvy marketing specialists to provide these comprehensive services.

I hope you'll take me up on this opportunity

to learn this valuable skill-set for yourself, and start to explore the possibility of offering these services to your clients in order to create a new, predictable and recurring revenue stream in your business.

I’m excited to help you see what’s possible for you, your business and your clients with the help of this simple, easy-to-implement strategy to learn public relations and master the art of the pitch.

Here’s to running a profitable business that doesn't run you!



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