What Is It Like to Be a PR Agency Owner?

May 24, 2021

As you’re becoming a more experienced PR pro, you might be wondering what it looks like to take things to the next level. It might be time for you to fully step into your role as an agency owner. Instead of focusing solely on day-to-day PR tasks, you’ll be the visionary — leading your team and working in your zone of genius. 

But what does that actually look like? 

I’ve been running my own PR agency for 16+ years and took this step a while ago. Now, I know how to schedule my working hours to maximize the impact I make, all while living the type of family-oriented lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of!

Being An Agency Owner Gives You Complete Flexibility and Control Of Your Time

Being in control of your time and how you structure your days—including who you work with and how you spend your time—is the ultimate definition of success. When I was a civil litigation attorney, I was never in control of who I worked with or how I spent my time, and it felt extremely draining to me.

So while I was successful by every definition with a really good job at a great law firm and making really good money, I didn't feel successful. I felt drained and exhausted. I felt like I was stuck in the wrong career and the wrong life. 

But when I shifted and started my PR agency 16 years ago, I realized that my definition of success means being in control of my own time and working with companies I love. 

When you're in control of your time, you can manage your energy and choose who you work with. Honestly, those are the things that will help you feel like you’re living your best life! Because from there, you get to structure your days and weeks around what matters most to you personally, too.

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As An Agency Owner, You Step Out Of The Day-To-Day

Ultimately, building up to where I am now meant elevating myself to a visionary role in the company. To do the same, you’ll need to step out of the day-to-day tasks inside your agency. Instead, you’ll work in the visionary role!

But what will that actually look like for you? 

You’ll get to structure your days and weeks around your energy levels, what you want to do personally, and what’s important to you. You can work when you’re feeling most productive, focused, and energized. 

A huge part of why I became an agency owner was to have the kind of life I wanted to have as a mom who was there for my kids. 

It’s totally possible to build an amazing career you love without sacrificing everything else that matters to you. Whether that’s travel, parenting, or friendships, you can have it all! But you have to elevate yourself to the visionary role of running your company instead of doing minute, daily tasks. 

What My Weeks Look Like As An Agency Owner

You might be wondering what a typical week looks like when you’re an agency owner. Here are some insights into what my week looks like! 

I try to keep all of my Fridays open so that I can work towards something I really want to work on that day. That means I work a four-day week and spend Fridays with my family, friends, or working on things I’m passionate about outside my business. 

One thing I recommend is the Pomodoro time management technique. Basically, you’ll spend 25 minutes really concentrating on one task, and then take a five-minute break. 

As an agency owner, I spend most of my time doing deep-focused writing. Of course, there are also client calls, business strategy work, and other creative projects, but high-level writing is a big part of my business! 

I also really rely on my team. Since I’ve stepped out of the day-to-day tasks in my business, I have an incredible team who works on pitching, admin, and tons of other tasks each day. You’ll need to get people on your side who can do the work—and you’ll need a clear vision for what you actually want support with. 

When you become an agency owner, you get to fully build out your schedule around what you want and your energy levels. Instead of running yourself ragged, you’ll have a sustainable, scalable business that thrives even when you take time for yourself! 

Stepping into your role as an agency owner is one of the best decisions you will ever make. There is no standard day or week in the life of an agency owner because you get to decide what’s best for you! 

Instead of being bogged down in the weeds of daily tasks in your business, you’ll get to be the visionary CEO making strategic decisions and working in your zone of genius every single day. Plus, you’ll get to live the type of life you’ve always wanted!