How to Handle the Feeling of Entrepreneur Isolation as a PR Pro

May 12, 2021

Any entrepreneur knows that working for yourself is AMAZING...but it’s also really lonely. Especially in industries like PR, entrepreneur isolation is a real problem! You might feel alone as you build your business, face challenges, and celebrate wins. 

Having a community on your side is so important! When I first started my agency, I really craved connection with other entrepreneurs experiencing the same things I was.

But how do you actually find a community and handle feelings of isolation as a PR pro?

What Is Entrepreneur Isolation Like? 

Entrepreneur isolation is when you feel alone in your business. Especially when you feel like you’re in competition with others and you’re working from home, isolation is common! 

When you’re just getting started in PR and working from home, it’s super lonely! For years, I worked at my desk every day with only my cat to keep me company. 

If you think you’re experiencing entrepreneur isolation, think about whether you’re seriously missing parts of being in the office. 

Do you miss seeing other people each day? What about casual, fun conversations with coworkers about favorite TV shows? How about lunches with your peers and walking around outside the office? 

Personally, I knew I was experiencing entrepreneur isolation. I craved more personal connections with people in PR. Even more than that, though, I craved community, collaboration, and support from others doing the exact same thing I was doing. 

In a community, people get to learn together, support each other, and celebrate wins and small joys. In short, a community is the best way to fight entrepreneur isolation and stop feeling lonely in your career. 

Why I Started A Community To Ease Entrepreneur Isolation

As a PR pro, you might’ve noticed that most people hold their knowledge, expertise, and advice close to their hearts. There’s a layer of competition throughout most of the PR world….and I wanted something totally different! 

I created the Profitable PR Pros community to cultivate a place of support that, frankly, didn’t even exist when I first started. It’s an open, safe space for people to share, ask questions, seek support and mentorship, and develop real relationships. 

This community is based entirely on an abundance mindset—we all fully believe that there’s enough work to go around. We can all be successful when we lift each other up! After all, a rising tide lifts all boats….in this community, we elevate our experiences together and help each other. 

Benefits Of Being Part of a PR Community

When you become a part of a PR community, you stop feeling the negative impacts of entrepreneur isolation. You’re able to find mentorship from those in your niche, community, or with similar values. 

You can ask questions, seek support, and even solicit feedback on pitches. All of this is incredibly valuable as your business grows. 

This community is all about collaboration, networking, and expanded opportunities. People in the community give referrals all the time (myself included!) and consistently seek to uplift each other. 

The best way to handle feelings of entrepreneur isolation is to develop relationships with like-minded people. This community is full of people who want to form real, lasting relationships—whether that’s lunch dates, calls about shows, or even text threads about funny PR stories. 

Another huge benefit of being in a PR community is accountability. You’re able to hold yourself accountable and find partners in accountability, too! 

Different Profitable PR Pros Groups To Access

If you’re ready to alleviate entrepreneur isolation, it’s time to start embracing the spirit of community. 

First, join our free Facebook Group community! This is a great place to start diving into a PR community and learn what it’s all about. 

Then, consider joining The Pitch Lab. With an exclusive Facebook Group filled with dedicated PR pros, you’ll find instant connections, collaboration, and support. Plus, we hold monthly Q&A calls that are rich with information to help you grow in PR. 

How To Stop Feeling Entrepreneur Isolation Today

The best way to handle entrepreneur isolation is to take action now. It doesn’t have to take tons of time to find and join an amazing community! 

You can join our free Profitable PR Pros Facebook group now. Instantly start introducing yourself, reading threads, connecting with other PR pros, and building real connections. From there, you’re going to experience the true magic of having a community behind you. 

Joining a community is the best way to handle feelings of entrepreneur isolation as a PR pro. You don’t have to build your business on your own! Having other people to celebrate your wins, support you through challenges, and even provide mentorship makes a huge difference.