1 Way to Increase Revenue as a PR Professional

May 22, 2020

Have you hit a wall in your revenue because there’s only so much client work you can take on? You most likely want to find a way to increase revenue as a PR professional because 1:1 client work only goes so far.

A great way to scale your PR business is to create something one time and then leverage that offer and reach an unlimited number of people. This is where your potential revenue can explode and skyrocket.

How I Used a Leveraged Offer to Increase Revenue

After 7 or 8 years of providing services for my clients, people wanted to know how to start a PR agency for themselves. The first program I started was mentoring people all over the world which I loved doing, but it was starting to take all of my time.

Then I started the Agency Accelerator which is a self-study program that gives people an opportunity to learn the exact framework I used to build my successful PR agency.

We assumed that everyone who came into the Agency Accelerator had the foundational skills to provide PR as a service. But they didn’t.

So we created The Pitch Lab, which teaches you how to crush PR for your clients so you can maximize your revenue.

Leverage Your Offers to Increase Revenue

All of my programs are leveraged offers. 

You can use leveraged offers the same way I do. You can scale your business and reach more people to help, too! 

Some people in my programs are social media strategists that offer a way for them to give their process for a social media audit. 

Someone else in my mastermind is teaching people how to clean their house! And they’re making 6 figures a year in passive income. Most of the time, they’re running automated webinars to content that they created a couple years ago.

It’s Not Totally Automatic

I'm not here to say that it’s totally automatic. I've been working at this a really long time. I've been refining my niche, figuring out how to serve my audience, creating Facebook ads to increase my audience, and then creating and updating the courses. 

There’s still work to be done. But it is less work than doing 1:1 services with clients. You can serve more people at the same time with courses. 

I know that when the right people come into Profitable PR Pros there is something in my programs that is going to meet them where they are and help support them in their business. 


Serve Your Audience

Leveraging your offers allows you to increase revenue. It allows you to reach and serve people all over the world and help them achieve their dreams and build their own revenue.

For us, we’ve been able to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue with leveraged offers, just based on what I know how to do (by giving people a framework so they can do it, too). One of the greatest honors and gifts in my life has been to serve my audience and understand their needs and be able to create programs to serve their needs. 

Start thinking about how you can share what you already know. Think about things you’re passionate about. 

For example, some women in our program are thinking about helping people find their first job in business and figure out their niche and serve that audience. 

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Get Started Before You Think You’re Ready

How do you know when you’re ready? The thing is, you’ll never be ready if you’re waiting for perfection

So many people wait and try to perfect every little thing before they actually start a business. 

Don’t do what I did! I thought that because I had a business for 7 years that I had to look super polished and professional and have everything figured out before I could start leveraging my knowledge. 

That just kept me stuck in neutral. I was stuck in perfection paralysis for a very long time.

But the more real you are, and the more like yourself you are, including all the distractions that could happen on a Facebook Live, is exactly what people want to see. They want to see that you are a real person with problems like everyone else. That’s when people start to feel a real connection with you.

You will never be perfect and you don’t have to be!

No Need To Hide

I believe perfectionism is just a way to hide and not put yourself out there. Not starting because you’re wanting everything to be perfect is actually fear based. It’s a way to hide from judgment, criticism or feedback that may not be favorable. 

I personally don’t care about that anymore. Because no matter what happens in your business or on FB live, the message I give is going to find the people that need to hear it. And it will be the same for you too.  

Learn from what I did wrong and don’t wait to start. I waited 7 years before I started to leverage my knowledge to increase revenue. That’s just too long! You don’t have to wait that long. Start now!

Think Of Your Audience

Think of the people that need to hear from you and how you can serve them. They don’t care about any mistakes or blunders you make. Your audience will want to learn from your expertise. Your expertise is what they’re interested in. Not how you’re dressed, your hairdo, or if your dogs are barking in the background. They don’t even mind if you’re nervous. 

All they want is the expertise only you can provide. 

The best thing you can do right now is start building an audience.  As you build your audience, start to think of offers to create that will serve your audience and increase revenue for you. 

Leveraged offers is one amazing way to increase revenue. As you serve your audience, your income will grow. Start by building an audience. And go from there! But mostly, just start!