Are You Leveraging Time? How to Start Doing This in Your PR Agency

Jun 07, 2021

Starting my PR agency is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love what I do every single day, work for clients I believe in, and have the work-life balance and flexibility I’ve always imagined! 

This is totally possible for you, too—and the key is to start leveraging time as an agency owner.  

To strategically start, grow, and scale a PR agency, you need strategies for leveraging time effectively. And honestly? The BEST way to leverage your time is to start building a team. 

No matter how amazing and ambitious you are, you just can’t do all the things in your business and experience amazing growth. The less YOU do, the more you’ll make! 

Instead of doing all the day-to-day tasks yourself, you need to hire a team for those tasks and instead, step into your role as the visionary CEO in your agency! You’ll be able to work in your zone of genius every single day and experience all of the growth you’re looking for. 

But HOW do you actually start leveraging time by embracing your role as an agency owner? 

Why Is Leveraging Time Important As A Business Owner? 

Leveraging your time helps you step into the role that truly makes a difference within your business. But even more importantly, it lets you build the lifestyle that you truly want. Whether that’s time with family, the ability to travel, or just more flexibility each day, you can have true work-life balance when you learn to leverage your time! 

As a mom of two kids (one who has diverse needs), the owner of two businesses, and a wife striving to help manage my household, there’s a lot on my plate. And I realized a long time ago that I can’t do it all myself! I need a team to make it happen. 

Accepting that you can’t do everything on your own is the first step to leveraging time the right way. It’s okay if that’s a scary thought….but it’s one that will literally explode your business! 

Building a team of people with amazing skills has helped me focus on what truly matters in my life and in my businesses. 

Less You Means More Money

The best business advice I’ve ever received was this: less Jen equals more money. This can apply to you, too—less you means more money! 

It might sound a little counterintuitive, but stick with me here. 

Learning to leverage your time, effort, and energy is essential to growing your business and making more money. When you’re working at max capacity, you’re trading dollars for hours. But bringing in a team, delegating, and focusing on the really important stuff helps you grow and scale a profitable business! 

Leveraging Time Means Hiring The Right People

There are different types of people in business: visionaries and integrators. 

Some people are all about the day-to-day hustle and take care of everything themselves in business. This can lead to burnout, though, which is why it’s important to elevate yourself to a higher role!

Hiring people to do that day-to-day work means you can take that solopreneur-type work off your plate. From there, it’s time to hire someone to manage those day-to-day tasks! This should be someone who fully understands what you as the visionary are looking for. Then, that person can strategically delegate in order to fulfill that vision. 

Bringing in people to do the work is important. But bringing in people who really do understand what your role is (a visionary focused on growing the business, finding the best clients, and building the company as a whole) is the way to go. Those people will see goals in terms of big-picture versus daily tasks. 

And then you can leverage the results to find more success while enjoying a better work-life balance! 

Remember: anyone you hire should have a vision and values that align with yours. 

How Do You Start Leveraging Time The Right Way? 

We all know that our time is a finite resource. 

But managing your time isn’t the end goal of running your business! Instead, you should be building something that you truly enjoy along the way. Being a business owner is an experience that allows you to live the lifestyle you really want. 

That’s why leveraging time is so important. But how do you start doing this while growing your business and seeing the results you are looking for? 

Joining The Agency Accelerator program could be a game-changer for your business. It’s where I share the exact steps I took to start, grow, and scale a profitable, six-figure PR agency—all with no experience and no contacts. 

If you want to step into your role as an agency owner and build a team to support your business goals, this program is for you! 

Leveraging time is essential to growing your business and having incredible work-life balance. When you start building your team, you’re going to be able to leverage your time more efficiently! That extra support lets you focus on what really moves the needle in your business.