Do You Struggle With Meeting Client Expectations? Here's What to Do

Jun 21, 2021

As a PR pro, at some point, you’ve probably felt anxious about meeting client expectations. A huge part of your role is generating results for your clients. Unfortunately, we all struggle with imposter syndrome at some point. 

Especially as the end of the month approaches and you know you’ll be creating results reports, it’s easy to stress about whether you’ve done enough. Sometimes, you might even feel underqualified to work with certain clients….

But if you’ve taken the leap into public relations, you already have the skills and passion to do what you love. 

So how do you overcome the fear of not being good enough and start believing in yourself (and the results you generate for clients)? 

How To Feel Better About Meeting Client Expectations

Everyone feels anxious about meeting client expectations at some point. But learning how to harness your inner confidence is essential! 

Navigating feelings of imposter syndrome and doubt is a challenge. Anxiety is way more common than you think, even among the most successful PR pros. 

Remember: whether you’re freelancing or just started your own agency, you wouldn’t have taken a leap into PR if you didn’t believe deep down that you could really do it. Find whatever it was inside that made you believe that, and hold onto it each day. 

These tips will help you focus on meeting client expectations and feel better about the work you do!

Find A Community To Support You

The truth is that most PR professionals are experiencing similar challenges. When you don’t have anyone to talk to about those struggles, you might feel alone. 

But it’s totally possible to experience an even playing field when others share their struggles and strategies, like we do in The Pitch Lab community! 

A community celebrates your wins, provides feedback and mentorship, answers questions, and supports you along the way. Being a part of a strong community helps you overcome feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, while learning to create powerful results for your clients.

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Prioritize Your Long-Term Success When Vetting Potential Clients

By now, you probably know that properly vetting prospective PR clients is absolutely essential. But vetting your clients is about so much more than seeing if it’s a good fit for your services and niche. 

Make sure to tune into your intuition when vetting clients. 

When you’re talking to a prospective client, think about whether they are interesting and newsworthy. If so, the odds are already stacked in your favor for meeting client expectations and landing press features. But if you think this client will be a hard sell, you know you might struggle to land press. 

Only take clients you know you can do a good job with! If you’re struggling, look for quality images, positive reviews, a clear vision, placeability, enticing brand or expert stories, and more. 

If you’re worried about meeting client expectations, and you’re really not seeing the results you want, assess the client’s content. There’s a LOT that’s out of our control in PR. Remember—a lack of results might not have anything to do with your ability, but everything to do with assets from the clients. 

Have A Clear Niche

The clearer your niche is, the better you’ll be able to leverage success and meet client expectations. 

When you work in a niche you love, you can become an expert and really get to know the media contacts. On the other hand, as a generalist, it’s hard to connect with industry contacts consistently see you as an expert. 

Manage Client Expectations

Make sure your clients know right from the start that results aren’t a guarantee in PR. Honestly, the best way to ease your anxiety is to manage other people’s expectations! 

Clients dream big, but at the end of the day, smaller hits can be really impactful too. Take the time to explain the results that you ARE getting and how you’re leveraging those results for more visibility. 

When you initially propose services for a client, be super realistic and clear about possible results and expectations. Avoid over-promising and under-delivering. Your contract should clearly state that results are not guaranteed, but you should also prepare your clients for possible outcomes. 

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Remember That Everyone Worries About Meeting Client Expectations

Knowing that everyone has felt the same anxiety and doubt helps you feel less isolated. After all, being an entrepreneur is amazing….but also really lonely. Recognize that things are out of your control. 

A community really does help reassure you that you CAN do this! You’ll be able to get your questions answered, your doubts soothed, and your wins celebrated. It’s the perfect way to set yourself up for success and overcome feelings of imposter syndrome! 

If you’ve ever been worried about meeting client expectations and generating results, know that you’re not alone. Taking a few proactive steps will help you navigate these feelings with less stress. 

Remember—YOU are the expert here! As long as you prepare your clients with reasonable expectations and do your best, you’re ready for success.