WTF is Up With Paid Media Placements?

WTF is Up With Paid Media Placements? 🤯

PR is all about earned media—that is, media placements that we earn through tailored, relevant, and strategic pitches. 🤓

But over the last few years, there has been a huge rise in “pay-to-play” opportunities. 😳

Clients see “PR agencies” guaranteeing placements in specific media outlets….

...which can lead to big problems! 😩

This is a HUGE red flag, but without being educated about what PR really means, clients won’t know to run the other way! 🙈

Knowing exactly what’s going on with paid media placements is the first step to educating your clients and successfully showcasing the value of YOUR PR practices (without feeling like you need to guarantee results—because it’s really just not possible). 👏

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