How To Successfully Set Year End Goals For Your PR Clients During Q3 and Q4

Are You Ready To Start Pitching For The Holiday Season? 😲

Yes, we’re already talking about the holidays!

It may be summer, but the time to prep your Q3 and Q4 pitches is NOW.

The holiday season is SO important for PR and you need to get a solid press plan in place for these crucial months.

But before you create a press plan, you have to set clear goals for your clients. Without those, you won’t be able to build a targeted strategy to achieve your client’s desired results!

So, how do you set the RIGHT goals for your clients so you can go into the end of the year with a clear path forward to major PR wins?

Listen now to discover my KEY strategies for building a holiday season press plan that helps you land top-tier gift guide placements for your clients.

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