How to Make a PR Agency or Client Introduction to the Media

Do You Know How to Introduce Yourself and Your Clients to the Media? 👋

There’s a lot of movement happening in the media right now, whether that’s journalists shifting roles at their publications or editors bouncing around to new outlets.

And with so many changes, navigating media relationships is trickier than ever.

There’s just SO much to keep track of! 🤯

As publications in your niche switch up their teams, you may need to introduce or reintroduce yourself and your clients to new media contacts.

Making a good impression is crucial — you want to set the tone for your relationship and set everyone up for a strong, successful partnership 💪

Think of all the opportunities that could come from these connections! 🤩

Listen now to discover my BEST strategies for introducing yourself and your clients to media contacts to start a new relationship off on the right foot.

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