How to Use AI in PR for Your Clients (Is It Even Ethical?)

Are You Ready for Artificial Intelligence to Make Its Mark on PR? 👀

Honestly, artificial intelligence sounds like something out of a creepy apocalyptic sci-fi movie 👽

But AI is VERY real 🫣 It’s already cementing itself in the media landscape and shifting the way PR pros run their agencies!

There’s a whole world of uses for AI, but PR pros need to keep a close eye on writing-based AI programs 🧐

AI tools like ChatGPT have the power to generate paragraphs upon paragraphs of copy based on a simple query — like, an entire article’s worth of material! 😬

The more people use AI, the more advanced its writing becomes and the easier it is to use…

…and that poses some MAJOR ethical questions when pitching the media.

Listen now to discover everything you need to know about AI: what it is, why you SHOULDN’T panic about it replacing PR pros, and how you can harness the power of AI in PR to improve your pitches 💪

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