6 Business Mistakes Every PR Pro Should Strive To Avoid

You’ve Got Your Agency To-Do List, But What About Your NOT-To-Do List? 👀

Breaking into PR is tough — and it can sometimes come with an information overload 🤯

Figuring out how to build your agency from the ground up can cause some serious headaches no matter how familiar you are with the industry.

But knowing what NOT to do to launch a successful agency is half the battle of getting there! 🤓 You can’t reach your goals if you run into the same roadblocks over and over again.

When you avoid the most common agency mistakes, you’ll fast-track your path to success and skip over obstacles that you would’ve faced along the way 💪

Listen now to discover 6 key business mistakes that all PR pros NEED to avoid when growing and scaling their agencies 📈

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