What is Media Monitoring? (And How to Do it for Your Clients)

Is Your Media Monitoring Actually Helping Your Clients Succeed? 👀

PR is all about getting people talking about your client and making sure your client’s message is out there.

But you need to make sure your client is in the media for the RIGHT reasons 😬

That’s where media monitoring comes in 😍

Media monitoring helps you analyze all of your client’s media mentions and understand how they’re faring with their audience AND the general public.

I know it sounds a bit intimidating (I mean, monitoring ALL of the media?? 🤯), but there’s a much easier way to collect and analyze every single client feature.

Listen now to discover everything you need to know about media monitoring: what it is, why it’s important, and how you can ensure you NEVER miss a mention or media insight again! 🎉

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