Press Success


It costs $148,220 to buy an ad in Forbes Magazine...

What if you could get that exposure for FREE just for telling the right story at the right time?

Imagine being able to forward your latest mention in Huffington Post or Inc. to your best friend and your parents...they are so proud of you and never have to explain “what exactly do you do?” to them again.

It’s not just the Credibility, Authority and Legitimacy that you get when you have those media logos on your site and social media’s actual tangible results like ROI, increased revenue, and more clients coming into your programs.

Getting featured in the press means you will:

  • Sell more books
  • Grow your email list full of targeted leads
  • Share your story to impact and inspire more people
  • Get those media logos you want on your website, instantly positioning you as the authority in your niche

Our signature course, Press Success, is a step-by-step strategic roadmap for brands & experts to promote their own businesses to the media. Easy to follow lessons, workbooks, and bonus material will get you on your way to securing yourself coverage in your favorite magazines in no time!

I will show you exactly how to get noticed by the media, to land new customers who will be seeking out YOUR expertise, and to give your sales a measurable boost.