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Are you a PR or marketing agency owner (or even a freelancer!) struggling to find clients and to generate consistent revenue?

I PROMISE you… you can grow a profitable business, even if you have no contacts and no formal training.  

I’m Jen Berson, Founder of Jeneration PR, a multi-six figure PR & Social Media marketing agency where I’ve been working with my DREAM clients for more than a decade.  

I’ve put together a bundle of my BEST resources, giving you the EXACT tools & strategies I use to run my profitable agency, supporting Billion Dollar brands

My FREE Agency Owner’s Toolkit will help you confidently take action to save time, streamline your business, and make you more money.  

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  • Top 15 Productivity & Marketing Tech Tools for PR Agencies: This guide dives deep into the tools that I cannot live without in my business!
  • How to Ensure You're Ready for Press Success: No more scrambling to get all of your assets together when win a press placement! This guide gives you the exact steps you need to take to make sure you're ready before you ever send a pitch.
  • How to Leverage & Maximize The Reach of Press Wins You Secure For Your Clients: Learn how to make the most of it when you secure that stand-out press placement for your client. This step-by-step checklist will be something you go back to again and again!

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"Jen is the only person I recommend you learn PR and media strategies from, she's the best. She's so legit and her clients get insane results."

Mariah Coz
Founder of Mariah Coz

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