Tired of sending out pitches that just get ignored? Done following up endlessly and hearing nothing back?

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I’m sharing my PROVEN 3-step framework for writing killer pitches that get results, no matter your niche!


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Pitching is the bread and butter of PR. 

You can’t build momentum for your clients without crafting compelling pitches that will help them land press placements! 

They’re counting on you to get their message into the media and connect them with excited, engaged audiences.

Sure, you can do trial and error to see what works for your niche and media contacts, but it could take months to nail down an effective pitching strategy. 

You (and your clients!) don’t have time to waste!

Instead, you could lean on a pitch template as a springboard for your success. 

My Media Pitch Template isn’t just a plug-and-play document that’ll have you writing pitches on autopilot. 

It’s a comprehensive guide to writing killer pitches that strike a chord with your media contacts, no matter what niche you’re in.

You’ll learn the building blocks of an effective pitch and implement them through my PROVEN 3-step pitching formula. 


Be prepared to pitch your clients for whatever opportunity comes your way, whether you have a full day to write or just an hour. 

Grow your confidence to new heights by sending out pitches you know the media will love.

Boost your productivity by getting more killer pitches out the door faster, saving you time, energy, and effort.

I know this process works — because it’s what I use in my own agency!

Hey, I’m Jen! 

I’m the founder of Jeneration PR, an award-winning public relations and social media marketing agency, and the creator of Jeneration Academy. 

Before founding Jeneration PR in 2005, I spent four years as a civil litigation attorney, wishing I could run a business that didn’t run me. It took a major career-180, but I finally did it! 

I launched my digital agency with no training, no contacts, and zero experience. 

Since then, I’ve learned how to grow & scale a highly successful agency and want to teach YOU how to do the same! 

I know firsthand how daunting pitch-writing can be when you’re new to PR or haven’t had a big win in a while.

THAT is why I'm sharing my Media Pitch Template with you.

You shouldn’t be full of dread every time you sit down to write and send out a pitch! 

This PROVEN formula will help you craft pitches that resonate with media contacts and inspire them to write powerful stories that get your client on the map.