2024 PR Trends You Need To Know About Now

I’m sharing the 11 most important 2024 PR trends to help you navigate what’s relevant right now and deliver impeccable results for your clients! 


  • Discover the biggest changes to the PR landscape that you should keep in mind this year

  • Uncover the most impactful, relevant trends you need to be aware of now as you submit pitches

  • Learn essential strategies for strengthening your relationships with media pros no matter what happens in 2024


The world of media and PR is constantly evolving…

and to do your job successfully, you need to know exactly what’s happening in the industry! 🤓

Staying up-to-date on trends as a PR pro helps you generate stellar results. 

Wowing your clients and securing better press coverage is much easier when you know what’s working and what’s yesterday’s news. 

Keep your finger on the pulse of your niche.

Get the inside scoop on what media pros want to see, which strategies to avoid, and how to land BIG press features through impeccable positioning 💃

Hey, I’m Jen! 


I’m the founder of Jeneration PR, an award-winning public relations and social media marketing agency, and creator of Jeneration Academy. 

Before founding Jeneration PR in 2005, I spent four years as a civil litigation attorney, wishing I could run a business that didn’t run me. It took a major career-180, but I finally did it! 

I launched my digital agency with no training, no contacts, and zero experience. Since then, I’ve learned how to grow & scale a highly successful agency and want to teach YOU how to do the same!


As someone who’s run a successful agency for over 18 years (and counting!), I’ve seen SO many shifts in the PR landscape. There’s always something new on the horizon... 

But you can’t let it throw you for a loop. 

Trends grab hold of the media for a reason — and if you look at them as tools and use them to your advantage, then major media success will be right around the corner 🤩


My passion is helping other PR pros be successful...which is why I’ve created this incredible resource packed with this year’s key media and PR trends. I’m here to help YOU navigate PR seamlessly!