How The Importance Of Media Relations Has Shifted Due to the Pandemic

How Have Your PR Strategies Changed Throughout the Pandemic? 🧐

We’re two and a half years into the pandemic and PR is more dynamic than EVER.

If you thought the media landscape was shifting before, it doesn’t even compare to how rapidly things are changing now! 🤯

But PR pros aren’t just Pitching Powerhouses…we’re ultra-adaptable strategy rockstars! 🌟

And now, it’s time to rework our press plans to account for the latest industry shifts and set ourselves up for success amidst all these changes.

One thing that’s as important as ever? Media relations!

And to keep those connections thriving, you need to shift your approach to align with what’s happening in PR right NOW.

So, how can you maintain strong media relationships and stay successful as the pandemic continues to change the PR landscape? 💪

Listen now to discover 4 HUGE ways the pandemic has impacted PR and how PR pros can adapt to these new standards.

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