5 Tips for Building Stronger and Deeper Media Connections

Are You Building Truly Meaningful Connections with Your Media Contacts? 🤔

As a PR pro, your media connections are a key 🔑 part of landing top-tier press features for your clients.

A strong connection with a media contact can turn into countless opportunities even as they move between publications! 🙌

But just because these relationships are professional doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be personal, too.

A journalist who knows you and is familiar with your agency and clients is FAR less likely to scroll past your pitch in their inbox without a second thought.

You don’t have to start spilling your deepest, darkest secrets to your niche’s editors — you just have to start up a rapport and invest time and effort to build genuine respect for each other 👯‍♀️

Listen now to discover 5 of my BEST strategies for deepening your connections with your media contacts to foster meaningful, lasting relationships.

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