How to Use Podcast Pitching to Score Big Wins for Your Clients (and Yourself!)

Are You Leveraging the Power of Podcasts to Score Big Wins for Your Agency? 🧐

Sometimes, it feels like everyone you know has started a podcast (guilty as charged! 🙋‍♀️).

And while podcasts are fun to listen to while you run errands or tidy up your house, they’re also a great tool for getting your client in front of new, engaged audiences!

Podcast interviews let your client show off who they are as a founder AND as a brand, all while promoting upcoming launches or new initiatives 😍

Pitching for podcasts is different from your usual pitches, though…

You need your client’s founder (or in-house expert) to share a captivating story on top of their niche expertise. And if you’re pitching YOURSELF as an expert digital agency owner, then things get a little more complicated 😬

Listen now to discover my KEY 🔑 strategies for successfully pitching your client and yourself for podcast guest spots!

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