6 Important Tips You Need to Know Before Responding to a Request for Proposals

Are You Responding to the Right RFPs to Grow Your Agency? 🤔

As a PR pro, you’ve likely received a request for proposals, or an RFP, before.

An RFP is a formal document companies send out to solicit specific info from PR agencies they want to work with 🤓 You might receive one from a contact at a company in your niche, or you could get a totally cold RFP from a brand you’ve never heard of.

However the RFP comes your way, you need to carefully consider whether or not you’ll respond to it and try to secure the client.

Responding to RFPS can be super time-consuming…and it’s not always worth the effort 😬

Listen now to discover all things RFPs: what they are, how to know when one is right for you, and which red flags to look out for when a new RFP hits your inbox 🚩

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