How to Successfully Execute a Brand Audit for New and Existing Clients

Do You Know How to Execute a Successful and Insightful Brand Audit? 🤔

Playing the comparison game is never fun, but brand audits are ESSENTIAL for building an effective PR strategy 🤓

Audits help you measure the progress you and your existing clients have made throughout the year — or, with new clients, get a benchmark for the brand’s current position in their niche.

Without them, you won’t know what strategies are working and what’s NOT doing well 😬

Executing a successful brand audit lets you identify a client’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can create a data-backed press plan that delivers amazing results! 🏆

Listen now to discover my BEST tips for doing brand audits with your clients, whether they’ve been on your roster for years or are totally new to your agency. 

Annual brand audits are a vital part of delivering stellar service to your clients…and when those results start coming in, you can leverage them to grow your agency! Grab my FREE PR Agency Action Plan to learn my PROVEN formula for building a successful business on your own terms >> 

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