How Investing in Yourself Will Make You More Successful

Jun 26, 2019

Hey, PR pro! Do you have a business? Do you want to fast track your results? Of course, you do. I’m sharing the secret to success today: invest in yourself. 

I’m sharing this knowledge with all of you because I was afraid to invest any money into my agency. I struggled to formulate a strategy and maximize my results until I really invested in myself. 

Learn from my mistakes! Don’t waste months of precious time chasing after results when you could start right now

FB Groups are NOT the Answer 

 I’m here to give you a bit of tough love. That’s right, I am telling you that lurking in Facebook groups is NOT going to boost your business to seven figures. 

That’s harsh, I know! But it needed to be said. I did the exact same thing and it doesn’t work. 

I’ve tried to cobble together a business plan from free content on FB groups. I’ve seen agency owners poke around Facebook, look how other people are doing it, and pick and choose pieces for their own strategy. 

Dabbling on FB is free but it’s wasting your time and prolonging your goals

When you’re spending your time reading about other people’s ideas and success, you’re not focused on your own. This is true of even my FB group! Profitable PR Pros has a ton of great content. I share valuable content that can help public relations professionals grow their business. 

But I don’t share everything. I don’t give everything I have to the FB group, and neither does anyone else. 

Here’s part of the reason why: even if I gave free content worth $2000, would you appreciate it? Or would it be lost among all the other free content on the internet? Free content through Google searches, blogs, and groups can be really helpful. However, this isn’t where seven-figure agency owners get their strategic business plans.

Establish the Seven Figure Agency Owner Mindset

Do you think that major agency owners are using Facebook groups or Google searches to form their strategies? 

No. If you think that that's how seven figure CEOs are making shit happen in their business, you're sadly mistaken.

They are taking the time and resources to invest in themselves and their company. They invest in a roadmap from somebody who has done it and done it the way they want to do it. That return on investment is a thriving and profitable business! 

To really thrive as an agency owner and get to the seven-figure goal, you have to shift your mindset. Start operating your business, leading your company, and making decisions with the seven-figure mindset. 

When you move from “how can I do this for free?” to “how can I make my agency successful?” you will see dramatic results. 

Get a Coach

How do you invest in yourself? Three words: Get. A. Coach. 

Part of the seven-figure agency mindset is appreciating people who have forged the path ahead. I share my experience over the last 14 years in PR and building my business to represent billion-dollar brands so that you can benefit from my knowledge. When you find someone who has created a framework that works, you can achieve results much faster. 

CEOs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have relied on coaches to help them push their business further. Why? Because it works. 

When you have invested money and resources into strategies, mentorship, or leadership, you are going to take them more seriously. You’ll be focused on your progress and achieving the best ROI possible. When you’re just dabbling in PR, you won’t have the commitment and focus necessary to boost your success. Once you’ve invested in coaching, you will be invested in growing your agency. 

I call it having skin in the game. Whatever you call it, you’ve got to be in it to win it (Wow, with the sports metaphors today. Go team!). You’ve got to invest your time, resources, whatever you have, into making your business successful. That’s when you’re going to see quantum growth. 

Types of Coaching 

By finding a mentor who is invested in your success and who has carved the path before, you are taking the necessary to invest in yourself and maximize your business. I highly recommend finding a coach that can support you, help your mindset, and lift you up when you’re struggling. You want someone rooting for your success. 

Now there's a lot of people that can coach and support you in different aspects, but you should choose a mentor whose values and vision aligns with what you want out of your business. Choose somebody that represents similar goals and ideals and has a similar approach to life and business as yourself. That way, you aren’t wrestling with someone who has a completely different vision of your company. 

The main takeaway for today is understanding that when you invest in yourself, you'll fast track your results. When you choose coaches and mentors who've walked the path that you're looking to walk and can give you the guidance and steps and frameworks in order for you to have the results that you're looking put a rocket booster on your success! 

No more wasting time and prolonging results. Let’s accelerate your business!