3 Reasons It’s Important to Know Your Why

Oct 22, 2019

An important aspect of running a business as an entrepreneur is to know your ‘why’. Sometimes you may lose sight of the reasons you started your business when things get really hard. You don’t want to lose heart and quit your business when that happens.

Here are a few tips that'll help you identify your why.

Understand What Motivates You 

A good exercise to know you why is to write down 10 reasons why you want to start a business. Type them out and print them. Keep it in your journal or post it on the wall. Reference it every day as a motivation for staying on track and feeling inspired.

When someone joins my program is to ask them to write down 10 reasons why they’re joining. Whether you join my program or not write down your reasons.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:  

  • What is the reason you want to start your business?
  • What drives you?
  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • Do you want financial freedom and independence?
  • Do you want to travel more?

Answering those questions will keep you motivated when you hit a rough patch in your business. Think big and dream big.

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Making an Impact

Do you want to make an impact and help more people?

You may want to empower other women to have the kind of business that will bring them everything they’ve ever wanted in their vision of success. 

Build a life you like and make your business serve your life. 

How To Create Flexibility In Your Business

Being flexible in your business allows you to focus on the tasks only you enjoy. You may also need more time off some days than others. There will be days when you need to spend more time with your kids, or you may want to go to a business conference.

How can you be more flexible? One way is to hire people to support you. You can build a team to work in the areas of your business that are too time-consuming for you. 

It’s important to build a team of people who are self-starters and self-managed. This way you don’t have to micro-manage your team.

Protect Your Vision for Your Business

You want to know your why so that you can protect your vision for your business.

If you know you want to travel six weeks a year, you have to build your business to support that. 

That's why the why is so important. You have to build your business to support the overall vision that you have for your life and the kind of business you want to have.

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Dig Deeper 

It’s not just the money. Dig deep when you write your 10 reasons out. There are other things that light you up. 

You've got to have a deeper motivation. Money's great, income's great. It's very empowering and it helps you do a lot of things. But, what else is there that drives you? Does that light a fire under you? Maybe your ‘why’ is that you want to be known as the go-to expert and the authority in your niche so that you can really move forward in a cause that you believe in, and be seen as a leader in that field.

For me and my husband, we want to set up our businesses to support really awesome experiences in our lives. That also means being able to go and take the time to live those experiences. We set up our businesses to support that. 

Why You Want To Attract High Paying Clients 

I’ve found that the more money that clients pay me, the more they leave me alone when I set boundaries.

You want to be able to set expectations and boundaries for your clients in advance. You don’t want to be accessible 24/7 to your clients. 

Sometimes you may want to lower your rates to accept clients because you want to help them. But, when you lower your rates, you tend to attract lower-quality clients who need and demand more of you.

I built my business to bring in higher-caliber clients. My vision for my life is supported by how I set up my business and I want the same for you.

It matters to know your why so that you can start to build the kind of business and the kind of life that lights you up and fuels you. 

And, when it's hard, you have your reasons to keep going. It's a simple exercise, but profoundly powerful to write out your reasons why.

What are your reasons ‘why’?