How to Know Your Worth So You Can Attract High-End Clients and Premium Rates

Nov 08, 2019

If you are an entrepreneur starting out with your business adventure, you may know there are times you feel like an imposter and you lose your confidence. You don’t think you know your worth anymore and at times you just want to quit. Don’t lose heart. There are steps you can take to get your vision and confidence back so you can make the kind of income you deserve.


How to Gain Confidence

No matter where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur, the issue of lacking confidence at each stage of growth always comes up. You may be looking to grow and expand your business but you start to feel like you’re inadequate and imposter syndrome starts to creep in. 

To have the confidence you need to move on to the next stage of your business, you need to have a plan and strategy. Your plan includes defining exactly what services and products you offer your clients. Knowing the level of service and support that you provide your clients, allows you to confidently ask for what you’re worth. 

You may be stuck trying to price your services. And it’s not because you lack experience. You just need the confidence to ask for what you’re worth. 

Knowing your worth comes down to this core issue, whether or not you have confidence. 

Confidence is a choice. You can decide that you’re the best at what you offer your clients.

Create a Framework

Your confidence grows when you create a framework or roadmap for your business. You set your goals and mark out the steps to reach them. As you write down what you’re going to offer your clients, you’ll clarify your area of expertise. It shows you the value you provide for clients and you’ll know how to position that value. 

When you have a framework in place, you can turn down projects that don’t fit in with your goals. You may have several offers that pay lower than what you want to make or they pay hourly when you want your business set on retainers. 

These offers can be tempting at times because you need the money. But in the long run, you will lose money because those types of projects don’t fit in with your long term vision and goals. 

You can say ‘no’ to those types of projects and follow your plan with confidence. 

Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius shows you’re naturally gifted talents and what you can do with little effort. These are your natural abilities which are innate and not learned. 

Your zone of genius makes you unique. The way you offer your services also distinguishes you from others. Once you are in your zone of genius, a client will know that they can’t get your type of service and support anywhere else. 

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Keep Your End Goal in Mind

Start with a goal in mind. This is where you walk through the process of setting your target income level and then you’ll know exactly what to charge your clients to reach your income goals.

It takes time to make a good plan, and it may change along the way. You won’t be profitable if you’re only guessing and haven’t planned out your services in detail. It’s important to decide on who you want to serve, and how much money you need to make. You’ll end up wasting too much time trying to figure everything out on the fly. 

With a plan, you can leverage certain resources and automate some of the systems you use for your business. Then you will have time to think about how to add more value to your clients. You’ll then be able to charge rates that will help you reach your target income level. This also allows you to position your services so your client sees the value too. 

A plan and a set road map for your business equals confidence.

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Say No to What Doesn’t Serve You

With a framework set in place, you can then see the things that will not serve your ultimate vision and say no to them. If you say no to something that doesn’t serve you, it will give you space to say yes to something that is better and more aligned with your vision and values. It could also give you more time to spend with your family or do whatever else is important to you.

This is why you’re creating a business in the first place. So that you can be strategic about creating the agency of your dreams and do it intentionally. Instead of feeling stressed out because you’re not reaching any of your goals, you can feel good about what you've created and the value that you offer your clients.

When you have confidence and know your worth, your clients will feel it. They will know that you are taking care of them. Confidence comes because you’ve created a framework and plan to follow. It shows that you value what you offer others and showcases your worth which will attract high-end clients and bigger retainers.

Have you started to plan out your strategy and framework?