6 PR Strategies To Keep Your Pitches Fresh (Even When There’s No News)

Mar 14, 2022

Getting to help brands launch new products and initiatives is one of the most magical parts of PR. It’s so exciting to support a brand through their growth and see everyone’s hard work pay off! But when there’s nothing new happening, it’s up to you to continue pitching and keep the brand interesting, fresh, and relevant. Luckily, there are some amazing PR strategies you can use to enhance your pitches and stay excited about a brand even when you’re between launches. 

6 PR Strategies to Keep Your Pitches Fresh 

When your client is in a lull, you’ve got to come up with fresh ideas to keep the media buzzing! These PR strategies will help you find a simple jumping-off point to generate pitch after pitch (and continue landing those sought-after press features). Plus, you’ll feel more confident taking on clients knowing you have the ability to land them press features!

#1: Focus On the Brand’s Hero Products 

Honing in on a brand’s hero products is a surefire way to find inspiration for new pitches when the next product launch is months away. 

A hero product is a bestseller that takes center stage. If a client could only sell one product from their brand, this would be it! It should be a product that the brand is known for or consistently sold out of—which is newsworthy in and of itself! High demand seriously ups the product’s coolness factor. 

This is one of the most powerful PR strategies out there because it builds on consumer confidence. If a product is a bestseller or a cult favorite, you’ll be able to play up that star power in your pitches and make people feel super confident in purchasing that item. 

Think about how you can offer a fresh way for people to use the hero product. Or, highlight some of the benefits of or ingredients in the product that have never been featured before. 

What’s so remarkable about this product? Find that and run with it! 

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#2: Share the Founder’s Story 

If the founder of the brand is interested in being featured in the media on their own, this is one of the best PR strategies to help your client stay in the news long-term

Pitching the brand’s founder as an expert will give them a boost in becoming known as an authority in their space. It will also boost people’s confidence in their products. If the founder of a skincare brand was constantly being featured as an expert in articles on skincare, you’d be more willing to try out their products, right? 

Use the founder’s expertise to keep building consumer confidence in their brand. Customers trust people who clearly know what they’re talking about! 

#3: Create Business Profiles On the Brand 

See if your client is interested in doing brand profiles…but not on the products! 

These are more business-focused profiles, like: 

  • Lessons from the founder about the industry
  • The company’s charitable or sustainability initiatives
  • Adversity the founder faced on their journey to create the brand

This requires a shift from the brand’s typical consumer publication to a business publication or an outlet focused on entrepreneurship. Navigating this shift might be new for you and the client, but it’s essential to highlight the founder and the business instead of just the products. 

Be prepared with metrics, revenue, and growth statistics—get this data from your client before you start pitching. These are essential to landing press at business publications, and your client will need to share these stats in the interview. 

#4: Create Data-Driven Stories 

If your client has surveys or case studies packed with data, this is one of the most powerful PR strategies you can use! Research and statistics can be a great way to land press, especially if you package it well and build a story out of the data. 

This research needs to be ironclad. We’re talking independent, peer-reviewed, quality-controlled research here! 

Remember, the writer is staking their reputation on your word and the research you’re presenting. 

This is a great filler project to work on during slower periods. The writer or journalist will most likely need to interview your client, since their input will supplement the data-based story you’re pitching. Be sure to find out if your client (or someone on their team) is willing to complete that interview process! 

#5: Dig Into What’s Currently Trending

Ever head of “newsjacking”? It’s when a PR pro uses current events and news stories to promote a particular brand. 

Always tread lightly when newsjacking: be tasteful, and never newsjack a tragedy, unless your client is absolutely crucial to what’s happening. An example would be a psychologist who is offering coping strategies or an organization offering medical services. 

There are a couple of different ways you can approach newsjacking. You can pitch your client as an expert source to speak on a topic and be quoted in a story after news breaks. Or, you can focus on how your client’s brand ethics, products, or story aligns with what’s happening. 

Be sure to set up Google Alerts on your phone and laptop, listen to daily podcasts, and sign up for industry newsletters to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. 

And don’t forget social media! TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are hotspots for viral content in every niche. If you can take a social media trend, make your client relevant to it, and pitch a compelling story, you have the potential to land incredible press features that gain tons of traction!

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#6: Go With the Seasons

Go back to basics with one of the simplest PR strategies out there: seasonal pitches. 

Will your client be focusing on back-to-school marketing? What about summer travel, or Valentine’s Day ideas? Take a layered approach to your press plan and build holidays and seasonal trends or themes into your promotional efforts. 

This is the time to really hone in on what applies most to your client and what works with their brand voice!

And don’t be afraid to get creative. There are tons of more obvious holidays to plan for, like Hanukkah, Christmas, or Halloween. But you can also tailor pitches to more unique holidays like National Donut Day, International Women’s Day, or National Lipstick Day.

Figure out what works best for your client and pitch some super fun stories surrounding it! 

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Generating fresh and exciting pitches during news lulls can be tough, but with these tried-and-true PR strategies, it becomes a breeze. Let your creativity flow and keep the media buzzing about your clients no matter what’s happening with the brand!