Why You Should Say No More Often

Jun 26, 2019

Saying no has to be the hardest things for an entrepreneur to learn. We are operating our businesses from a place of fear and concern, that if we say no, opportunities will go away. Maybe we won’t make the revenue we’re looking for?

In order to be successful, you’ll need to overcome the limiting belief that you have to pursue every lead that comes your way. Here’s how to say no and not feeling guilty about it!

Fear of Saying No

The fear of saying no comes from the fear of a potentially lost opportunity. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to make more money so bad, that you start to take on any project. This strategy can be detrimental to your wellbeing and your time. 

When you’re operating from a place of fear, you’ll take on clients who don’t deserve your vision. You won’t enjoy the project and that’ll make your quality of work suffer. Running your own PR business should be an enjoyable experience. If you wanted to hate your job, you might as well go back to your 9-5.

The most common reason female entrepreneurs start their own business is to have more time with their family. Maybe you have young children and you want to stay home with them or be home when they get home from school. Time is precious! Don’t spend your time on projects that aren’t profitable and don’t bring you joy. Learning to say no will allow you to say yes to your family. 

Become More Selective and Intentional

Every move and choice that you make in business is a stepping stone that gets you closer to your vision. Staying true to that vision and only bringing on client’s that align with it, is what will ultimately bring you more success. Say no without feeling guilty when you find certain projects aren’t bringing you joy. Learn to break through that limiting belief that money is a limited resource and we have to take it while we can get it.

Mindset is key to overcoming this belief. We need to work on adapting our mindset to put out what we’d like to receive. If you focus on the intention that your ideal client is waiting for you, the universe will respond in kind. Knowing what kind of business you want to build and following through with your vision is key to balancing all of the things that will potentially make you happy.

Be Confident in Saying No

There are a million questions that can be asked in a single day for an average person. This is why you should say no more often. It’s a numbers game. One person can not accommodate the whims of others at every turn throughout a lifetime. It will surely bring you down in the long run by being an exclusive “yes” person.

Business owners don't have a problem asking things of you. Don’t be afraid to say no. Women in business have a tendency to want to be pleasing and well liked and build a good reputation. 

Some examples of requests you should say no to are typically the ones that come without monetary compensation. Maybe someone’s cousin needs an internship for the summer, or for instance owning a PR agency, there is a charity event that is in need of a relations specialist. In the past, I would not have hesitated to provide my services at no cost, but in business, you need to make money too.

People appreciate honesty. If someone approached you with a project and you don’t feel that it will be beneficial, then feel free to decline. Being open and honest about why you are saying no is usually helpful and well received. Having a strong list of similar businesses that you can use as referrals is always a great practice to use. When saying no to a potential client, give them your recommendation of someone that would be a better fit. This helps to build trust and also can help them to remember you in the future. 

Being confident and standing your ground will bring you joy in the long run. Giving up something good for something great is the universe’s way of helping you. Making room in your life by saying no will assist you in laying down a strong foundation for success.