How to Find a Niche That Is Better Suited For You (and More Profitable)

Does Your Niche ACTUALLY Light You Up? Or Is It Getting Kind Of…Boring? 😬

Niching down is one of the MOST important parts of launching your agency.

It’s basically the key to setting yourself up for success! 📈

But after a few years, you might start to feel like your niche isn’t the right fit for you anymore… 👀

Maybe you want to try out a new niche and land some new clients there, or maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your current niche and want to start fresh in another industry.

Whatever you’re feeling, you deserve to follow it! 🥰 Your niche should inspire you and motivate you to work hard and grow your agency.

But no matter how long you’ve been doing PR, trying out a new niche can be super intimidating! 😱

Listen now to discover my BEST strategies for branching out of your current niche and setting yourself up for success in a new one 💪

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