How to Find a Niche That Is Better Suited For You (and More Profitable)

Nov 21, 2022

A big part of running a successful agency is niching down to become an expert in a certain area. But sometimes, your chosen niche just isn’t the right one for you. That’s okay! When that happens, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and find a niche that truly lights you up.

3 Ways to Branch Out and Find a Niche to Add to Your Agency 

If you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your passion for PR, branching out into a new niche could help bring that spark back! Trying out a new industry and expanding your client roster to that space can add new energy to your agency. Here are three ways to find a niche that will light you up and excite you each day. 

Leverage Your Existing Experience 

Experience is experience, whether you’ve been a PR pro for five months or five years. The same goes for your experience in your current niche! You’ve spent tons of time and energy building connections and scoring wins for clients in that industry, and that doesn’t disappear when you want to branch out.

Your successes are your successes no matter what. Once you find a niche that you want to try out, take any adjacent experience and leverage that when connecting with possible clients. Tons of PR skills are transferable to any niche, too, like pitch-writing, building media relationships, and staying on top of trends. 

Think About How Your Media Contacts Have Branched Out 

To find a niche that might be a bit easier to break into, take a look at your media contacts’ recent pieces. Journalists usually cover multiple beats, whether as a freelancer or at the same publication, so there will likely be some overlap between your current niche and other ones. This is especially true for niches that are already pretty connected, like beauty & cosmetics and fashion, or business and finance. 

Read through what your contacts have written recently. You could find a niche you’re interested in that you haven’t thought of before, or discover that your contact is already writing for the niche you want to try out. Use that existing relationship as a starting point to land press in that area. 

You’ll really be leaning on those strong relationship-building skills here! If there’s an editor that you have a great connection with who doesn’t write in your target niche, ask if they can put you in touch with the writers at their outlet who do. That referral will get your foot in the door and give you a major credibility boost!

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Utilize Your Network 

Your media contacts can be seriously helpful when you’re branching out into a new niche, but so can the rest of your network. Put aside some time to go through your professional network and client roster to see if you’re connected to anyone that’s already in your target niche. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your older connections! Just one person is all you need. 

That existing connection can connect you with their media contacts to make that first pitch a little easier. And don’t count out the community inside The Pitch Lab! Chances are, there’s already someone (or many someones!) in the group who’s in your target niche. 

Reach out to them and see if you can chat for a bit about their industry. Ask questions like: 

  • What do you love about your niche? What don’t you like about it?
  • How much has your industry changed since you first checked into it? 
  • What are some challenges you’ve faced when pitching in this niche?

Remember: just because you find a niche you’re interested in doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you! Your conversation will give you a better sense of what their niche is really like so you can proceed accordingly. 

How to Start Fresh and Find a Niche that’s Right for You 

Taking on clients in a different niche doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes you need to start fresh, find a totally new niche, and dive in headfirst. But to find a niche that truly lights you up, you’ll have to dig deep into what you’re looking for.  

Reflect on Your Interests and Passions 

If you’re completely changing your niche, it’s likely because you’ve fallen out of love with your previous one, or were in an industry that wasn’t the right fit from the start. Switching gears is an opportunity to get in tune with your desires, passions, and interests. This will help you find a niche that you’ll enjoy long term.

Before committing to a new niche, take the time to reflect on which niches have already held your attention for a few years. Fleeting interests and novelty ideas are not the right starting point here! Think about industries you’re already invested in, whether as a bystander or active customer. 

Working in a niche you’re passionate about is the key to loving what you do! You’re going to spend a lot of time researching the industry and its trends, possibly trying out new products, and chatting with key players and media contacts. Loving your niche brings so much excitement, joy, and motivation to this process!

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Do Your Research 

You can’t dive into a new niche while totally unaware of what awaits you. Research is key! But when you’re researching niches, pay attention to how you feel

When you find a niche that piques your interest, take note of your reactions: 

  • Is there something that excites you every time you come across it?
  • Are you reminded of something from your previous niche that made you upset, annoyed, frustrated, or defeated?
  • Does diving deep into a particular industry inspire or motivate you to get started ASAP?

Follow those emotions! Your gut will always guide you to the right path — discard what feels wrong and hone in on what feels good. 

If you’re having trouble parsing out your next steps, reach out to the community inside The Pitch Lab! During our Q&A calls, we can dive deep into what you’re feeling and you’ll get advice and anecdotes from other PR pros who have shifted niches. 

Trying to find a niche that’s right for you can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been in the same niche for a while. But sometimes, switching up your industry is exactly what you need to reignite your love for PR and your passion for your business! With these strategies, you can nail down a niche that lights you up and lets you work with clients that inspire you.