7 Powerful Strategies to Help You Thrive as an Introverted Digital Agency Owner

Is Your Agency Set Up to Let You Thrive as an Introverted Entrepreneur? 👀

There’s this (wrong!) idea that to be a comms pro or digital agency owner, you HAVE to be an extrovert 🙄

But as an introverted agency owner myself, I know you can be just as successful as your more extroverted peers!

All it takes is a bit of extra strategy to set up your agency in a way that’s conducive to your introverted tendencies: I’m talking more behind-the-scenes work and an extroverted collaborator to take the lead when necessary 🤔

Your agency doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s!

If a certain service leaves you drained and unmotivated, cast it aside. You don’t have to push yourself past your limits every day to succeed 🙌

Listen now to discover 7 of my BEST strategies for thriving as an introverted digital agency owner no matter your niche! 💙

As an extroverted introvert myself, I love mentoring fellow digital agency owners and sharing my strategies for running an agency on my own terms! Join the waitlist for the next cohort of my Elevate group coaching program to learn how to take your agency to the next level without forcing yourself to be extroverted >> https://www.jenerationacademy.com/elevate-waitlist 

Looking for a transcript for this episode? Check out the blog post: https://www.jenerationacademy.com/blog/7-powerful-strategies-help-thrive-introverted-digital-agency-owner 

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