7 Powerful Strategies to Help You Thrive as an Introverted Digital Agency Owner

Oct 02, 2023

There’s this (wrong!) idea that you have to be an extrovert to be a comms pro or a digital agency owner. As an introverted agency owner myself, I know you can be just as successful as your extroverted peers!

How to Truly Thrive as an Introverted Entrepreneur

As an introvert, you’ll have to put in a little extra strategy to set up your agency in a way that works for your personality. Remember, your agency doesn’t have to look like everybody else’s. It’s all about focusing on the services that light you up and cutting what drains you. Here are my seven BEST strategies for thriving as an introverted digital agency owner no matter your niche!

#1: Figure Out Where You Get Your Energy

As an introvert, being around other people for long periods can be draining. Instead, you probably feel most energized when you work alone (or maybe with one or two close collaborators). But setting your agency up for success as an introvert involves more than knowing your people-ing limits.

The first step to thriving as an introvert and agency owner is figuring out which tasks drain you and which activities light you up. It takes some self-reflection to identify what brings out the best in you, but it’s totally worth it!

I like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert. Having worked from home for the last 18 years, I know I get my energy from being in my own space and focusing on my work. 

But that doesn’t mean I can’t also be my bubbly, outgoing self! 

I’m not afraid to let my extrovert tendencies shine in larger groups, especially if it means making sure everyone feels included in a conversation. These tasks light me up.

But when it comes to traveling to big events or client meetings, I find myself getting anxious. Since events like these drain me, I limit them in my business!

#2: Lean Into Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As an introverted agency owner, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can keep you in your zone of genius all day long. Set up your role so it fully plays to your strengths and lets you shine! When you know what energizes you, it’s so much easier to stay in your flow, provide the best possible services to your clients, and, most importantly, love what you do.

For me, talking on the spot or being in person doesn’t let me be my best, most effective self. Instead, I designed my agency to have all the remote tools I needed to connect with clients online. I set up my agency to be more focused on pitching media, counseling clients, and connecting with other digital agency owners through our programs, like Elevate, my online group coaching program!

If I hadn’t focused on my strengths, I’d be anxious most days. I wouldn’t love my agency the way I do now.

#3: Call on a Mentor

Tons of digital agency owners are introverts! And having one of them as a mentor can help you navigate the industry without getting drained. Choosing a mentor who really gets you is a game changer.

Not only can your mentor provide helpful tips and strategies that worked for them, but they can also offer insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Together, you can pick out problem areas and create action plans to improve them. For example, you might polish up your public speaking skills or grow your confidence in delegating tasks.

Maybe your mentor can even connect you with a more extroverted collaborator who’s all about hyping up your work or taking charge at in-person events. Let them step in so you can protect your energy and focus on the tasks that let you shine!

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#4: Leverage What You Love

Know what you love and do what you love! When you define your zone of genius and know which responsibilities light you up, you can fill your days with more of what energizes you.

It’s your agency! You decide which services you offer!

If a client requests a service or project outside your comfort zone, you can always outsource it to someone else. Build out your team with people who have zones of genius that are totally different from yours. Account for the unique strengths each member offers and leverage those talents to expand your offerings and do less of what drains you.

Feeling like you have to spend your day on projects you hate is no way to run an agency! When you lean into the services you love, you create a business you love.

#5: Build a Community on Your Own Terms

Networking. As introverts, we love to hate it.

Networking can be tough if you feel drained from being in extended social situations – even when you know it’s crucial for entrepreneurship and growing a successful business. Thankfully, you don’t have to build a community in person! Platforms like LinkedIn (or programs like The Pitch Lab, The Agency Accelerator, and Elevate) can connect you to like-minded agency owners online.

But, if you decide to attend an event in person, remember it’s okay to just do you. Let yourself be an introvert. You don’t have to wear yourself out by competing with the loudest voices in the room – you have plenty to offer just by being yourself.

Honestly, being yourself attracts genuine connections and helps establish trust with your new community! Try going for 1-on-1 interactions or chat with others in small groups of 3 or 4 people. Meaningful discussions with a handful of people are far more impactful than two-minute conversations with everyone in the room!

#6: Stay Prepared

Okay, you knew this was coming – no matter how well you set your agency up to play to your strengths, you still need to step out of your comfort zone sometimes!

When you’re faced with a responsibility that causes you fear and anxiety, the best way to tackle it is to prepare. Preparing frees up the energy you would’ve spent worrying and lets you create insightful responses instead.

Have a big presentation or meeting coming up? Take the pressure off by spending a few days getting ready for the event. Outline your talking points or list some questions to ask new connections.

When you have those talking points in your back pocket, you can worry less about stumbling over your words, forgetting important details, or not contributing enough to the conversation. Those pre-written responses will free up your energy so you can focus on making a real impact.

Plus, showing up prepared demonstrates that you’re proactive, engaged, and passionate about your work! So, don’t let your comfort zone hold you back. Tackle it head-on by turning your anxiety into energy.

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#7: Let Yourself Rest

Rest is a non-negotiable part of self-care for introverted digital agency owners. You need to take care of your mental and physical health as you run your agency. If you don’t, burnout and exhaustion will be right around the corner.

Check in with yourself throughout your workday (or while at an industry event) to make sure you don’t push yourself too far. Take time off when you need to recharge your batteries and lean into the activities that refresh and fulfill you. You might enjoy calm, energizing activities like yoga, baking, reading, or walks in the park. During your time off, spend quality time with people who light you up!

You don’t need to be an extrovert to be a successful digital agency owner or PR pro. As an introvert, you have unique skills that can help you thrive in your industry! All it takes is a little thinking to design an agency that plays to your strengths and lets you shine.