Why Mindfulness in Business is So Important (and 7 Tips to Get Started!)

Feb 06, 2023

I’ve talked a lot about mindset and how crucial it is to be confident and know your value, but mindfulness is a big part of building a successful agency, too! After nearly 18 years of running my agency, I’ve seen firsthand how mindfulness can transform your life and career. When you practice mindfulness in business, you purposefully set your attention on the present moment to ground yourself — and as a busy digital agency owner, this ability is key! 

Why Is Mindfulness in Business Important for Digital Agency Owners? 

Tons of digital agency owners live in a constant state of overwhelm and burnout. When you’re caught up in daily responsibilities and rarely (if ever) shift your focus away from your business, you don’t give yourself time for self-care. But the best way to take care of yourself while still prioritizing your agency (which is a major focus of my Elevate High-Performance Coaching program) is by incorporating mindfulness into your daily life

In general, mindfulness is about slowing down and recentering yourself so you can better handle life’s more hectic moments. So, mindfulness in business helps you be present in your agency and stay calm no matter what’s on your plate. A quick mindfulness exercise can be the difference between tackling a big project calmly and strategically or stressing about it until you start spinning your wheels! 

Mindfulness exercises can also give you extra bursts of energy and focus when you need it most. You might find some practices more effective than others, but dedicating just 15 minutes a day to mindfulness can transform how you feel as you lead your agency.

How to Improve Your Sense of Mindfulness in Business 

Saying you want to become a more mindful agency owner is great, but you need to work at it! Mindfulness is a skill just like anything else. Here are seven ways you can practice mindfulness in business to become a stronger and more present digital agency owner. 

Add a Gratitude Practice to Your Daily Routine 

One of the easiest ways to add moments of mindfulness into your daily routine is by starting a gratitude practice. Start or end each day by writing down three things you’re grateful for in a dedicated journal. You could even enhance your mindfulness in business and at home by writing down three things you’re thankful for in your agency and three things you’re thankful for in your personal life. 

Be specific and zoom in on all the little things you appreciate — the warmth of a coffee cup in your hands and the feeling of crisp sheets on your legs are small yet valid and important entries. But avoid repeating things as much as possible! The act of finding three different things you’re grateful for every day forces you to be present and consistently acknowledge the good around you. 

Your gratitude practice will help you naturally develop a more positive mindset in and out of the office. Digging deep into what you’re truly thankful for instead of resting on the same handful of vague things allows you to feel every bit of your gratitude. 

Meditate Every Day 

If you’ve never meditated before, the practice can seem a bit woo-woo or uncomfortable at the start. But stick with it! Meditation is a key part of developing mindfulness in business, as it helps you slow down and reconnect with yourself during even the busiest of days. Just a few minutes of quiet and stillness can seriously clear your mind — you’ll return to your desk with more clarity and a greater sense of focus and alignment with your values. 

You can meditate anywhere at any time, which is why this is such a powerful mindfulness exercise! Anywhere you can find a few minutes of space in your day is a prime opportunity for a quick meditation. I like to follow guided meditations on my phone as I go through my daily beauty rituals: taking time to be still and breathe while I wear my red light therapy LED mask is so calming, soothing, and grounding! 

Be Present in All of Your Conversations 

Trust me — this is easier said than done! Being present when you talk to people isn’t just about actively and carefully listening to them. You need to really focus on deeply connecting with others even if you’re just exchanging polite small talk. 

I’m talking phone out of your hand, eyes on whoever you’re talking to, and zero distractions pulling you away. If you’re not used to chatting like this, it might be a rough transition at first! But you miss so many moments of connection when you only pay half attention to your convos, and your relationships will be better and stronger after you make the switch. 

When you put this level of effort into your conversations, you show the other person that you respect them, value their opinions, and are genuinely interested in what they have to say. This is an important part of having mindfulness in business conversations (your clients will so appreciate knowing they have your full attention), but it’s crucial at home, too. When my husband or kids speak to me, I want them to see that they have my full and undivided attention; they’ll know I care about them and are deeply committed to strengthening our connection. 

Get Those Zzz’s! 

Yes, seriously! Sleep is so important to your sense of mindfulness in business. You need that time to rest and recharge every day, especially when you’re going through a busy season. This is when your body and mind heal themselves and get ready for what’s ahead — the worse you sleep, the closer you are to stress and burnout

Set yourself up to get a solid eight hours of restful, restorative sleep every night by making intentional changes to your nighttime routine. Switch your alarm to a digital clock or smartwatch so you can leave your phone in another room at night. If you do have to use your phone, make sure to change it to dark/night mode and turn on a blue light filter to go easy on your eyes. 

Pay close attention to the things that affect your sleep, like spicy foods, anxiety levels, caffeine intake, or even the temperature of your room. My husband and I actually use separate comforters because sharing one was getting in the way of quality sleep. Sure, it’s not cute, but we both feel so much better when we wake up!

Step Away from Your Desk

It may seem counterintuitive, but you cannot effectively grow and scale your business if you’re constantly connected to work. Lots of digital agency owners feel guilty when they have to step away, as if their clients will think they’re lazy, uncommitted, or irresponsible for doing so. But getting out of your office and disconnecting from your work phone is a key part of consistently delivering stellar results

Leaving your desk for just 30 minutes a day refreshes your mind and boosts your energy for when you sit back down at your computer. I call this a period of renewal: after I come back from a walk with my dog, Lola, or spend time outside listening to something that inspires me, I always feel ready to knock out big projects!  

Set Goals and Celebrate Your Progress 

Digital agency owners are results-driven achievers who want to consistently reach their goals. But a lot of entrepreneurs feel empty after a goal is checked off because they’re not working toward something anymore! It’s the incremental progress along the way that’s so satisfying — this is where you see the actual impact of your efforts and the goal brings more meaning to your life. 

Improve your mindfulness in business by putting your focus on the journey to achieving a goal instead of the goal itself. Acknowledge and celebrate every single step forward no matter how small: celebrate yourself for feeling confident before a tough client meeting with as much excitement as you celebrate landing a new client! Taking time to acknowledge your small wins instead of just your big ones helps you appreciate your hard work and growth so far, enriches your experience, and boosts your confidence for the rest of your journey.

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Do a Reflection to Set an Intention 

Reflecting is a powerful and effective practice to improve your mindfulness in business any time of year, not just around birthdays, agency anniversaries, or New Year’s! You could think through the past six months in your agency, a major project you and your team just completed, or your time working with a client that has recently moved on. As you reflect and sift through old notes or correspondence, you should consider all aspects of your experience to determine what worked well, what you want to leave behind, and what can be improved. 

We go deep into this during Elevate High-Performance Coaching sessions. I’m all about intentionality and learning from your experiences to further hone in on your wants, needs, and values. And once you’ve reflected, you can set an intention for the upcoming year, project, or client partnership to deliberately and purposefully grow in the areas that mean most to you

Practicing mindfulness in business seems like a huge, intimidating task, but it’s really about small moments of growth! Incorporating these seven strategies into your daily routine will lead to a greater sense of peace and presence in the office and at home