6 Reasons Why Being a Working Mom Makes You Awesome

Jan 20, 2020

Are you a working mom running an online business at home? Or maybe you’re thinking of being an entrepreneur but you’re not sure anyone would hire you because you’re a mom. 

But guess what? Moms make kick-ass entrepreneurs!

They have the hardest job in the world raising little ones and being a stay at home mom. It’s incredibly challenging. There’s a lot of sacrifices and hard work that goes into being a full-time stay at home mom. And all these qualities can be applied to starting a business!

I love working and I love the company I’ve built. I work from home and I’m a mom. One of the reasons I work at home is because I wanted to see my kids whenever I wanted to or be there when they needed me. 

Why There Is A Penalty For Being A Working Mom

In the corporate world being a mom is viewed as a detriment when they apply for jobs. There are studies that show there is a penalty placed on moms in a job interview. 

They look at resumes to see if you’re on the PTA or if you are involved in other ways with your kids. To them, it means you’re not fully available. They think you may have to leave work for a sick child, or for school plays or soccer games. 

A friend asked me why I’m so upfront and vocal about being a mom. She thought I could be losing clients. 

That inspired me to write this article, “I’m a Mom, Sorry I’m Not Sorry.” This article went viral on LinkedIn. Amazing! This article covered the fact that I don’t care if you have a problem that I’m a mom and you don’t want to work with me. 

Because I don’t want to work with anybody that has a problem with that. If someone sees that being a parent makes me less accessible or available, then they’re missing out on working with me and my amazing team. 

A lot of my clients are baby brands, so being a mom is a benefit in my business. I can relate and understand what they’re customers are all about. 

The working moms that I know are some of the most accomplished, hardworking, focused, productive, successful, people that I’ve ever met. 

Why Moms Are So Awesome

Here are 6 reasons why moms are so awesome at being entrepreneurs.

1. Moms are Masters of Time Management and Efficiency

When you have kids, you have to prioritize your time. You only focus on things that really matter. Moms get up early, stay up late, delegate and make lists. If you need answers to questions you crowdsource and ask for what you need.

Moms don’t take more time to focus on a task than is absolutely necessary. 

2. Moms Focus on What Matters

Moms don’t have time for unimportant tasks or commitments that will take them away from their families, or getting work done, or accomplishing their goals. 

They figure things out quickly because they have to. If something doesn't align with what working moms want to be doing in their career, or anything that's taking them away from their family, they don’t do it. 

3. Moms are Skilled Multitaskers

For me, I’ve taken conference calls from the parking lot when I’m picking up my kids from school. I was writing proposals while pumping breast milk. 

Working moms are returning emails on their iPhones while waiting at the pediatrician’s office. 

Moms are masters at multitasking! Moms can do a lot and they’re effective in doing all of it. 

They figure out how to get things done in the time that they have working around their kids’ schedules. 

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4. Moms Know How to Work Under Pressure

When your kids are home from school because they’re sick and you have a conference call that day, or a proposal due, there’s no time to panic. You just figure it out. You either let your kids watch a movie or go on their iPads to keep them busy for a little while. Or you ask for help if you need it. But no matter what, you show up for those important business tasks too. 

Moms know how to work under pressure. They just figure it out and get things done. 

5. Moms are Great Negotiators

All working moms know that their kids are shrewd little negotiators. My background was a lawyer, but I am still matched with my kids. They have all the arguments figured out. 

For example, when your kids refuse to share, you have to convince one of them. Or for me, my kids wanted to wear a t-shirt and shorts in the snow. And one of my kids wanted to wear his favorite fleece sweatshirt when it was 100 degrees outside. 

Moms have to figure out how to get the most stubborn, pickiest kids to eat something squishy. All these types of negotiations take place before sitting down at your desks to start your workday at 8:00 a.m.

The best parenting tactic is to distract and redirect. That also works in a professional setting. Dealing with clients, bosses, colleagues is a piece of cake compared to dealing with a challenged, struggling potty-training toddler!

6. Moms are Managers

Not only do working moms manage their business, but they also manage the household and the kids’ schedules. They manage so much.

It’s not always perfect but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to be good enough. 

Working moms keep a mental tally in their heads of every single thing that has to be done that day with the kids. Like one child is going to a birthday party and they need a gift. Or another child has basketball practice so we have to figure out who’s going to take who to what! All this is running through our heads. 

And even with all those thoughts going on, moms are still able to run the household, run their business and make it all happen. That’s why moms are such great managers!

For me, once I became a mom 10 years ago, all of these skills in me were sharpened, refined and grew. 

These managing skills can be used in your business too. 

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Working From Home Is Not Limiting

I don't feel in my business that being a mom or talking about it is limiting me in any way with our clients. I work from home and my clients know that. We have billion-dollar clients that could work with anybody. And they choose to work with us based on the results that we get. 

And I don't think I'm limiting my opportunities. I'm a wife, a mom, and a business owner and I think I do a pretty darn good job at all of it. It's not perfect but it's working for me. 

Working moms are incredible entrepreneurs and amazing moms. You can do both. Your work and life become integrated. You can fit in listening to a podcast or taking a conference call with your kids’ schedule if you have to. You know how to prioritize what you need to do and when you need to do it. 

Don’t forget to give yourself a little grace. Know that you’re doing the best you can and that it’s enough.