How to Write a Powerful PR Quote for Your Client's Next Article Feature

Do You Know How to Write Captivating PR Quotes for Client Article Features? 🤔

A powerful PR quote is one of the best ways to get your client in the media and show off their niche expertise 🤓

Clients often give journalists quotes or anecdotes that demonstrate their vast industry knowledge and entrepreneurial experience.

But if your client isn’t available for comment, you may need to step in to write the quote or repurpose something they’ve already written 😬

Don’t stress! You’re an expert in your niche, too, and you can use that knowledge to craft a quote that dazzles your audience and fulfills all your media contact’s needs 🧠

Listen now to discover my BEST tips for tapping into your expertise to write insightful and compelling PR quotes that show off your client’s expertise!

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