4 Powerful Tips for Scoring Your Agency's First PR Client

Getting Started Is the Hardest Part… 😩

Jumping into something new is never easy. Whether you’re just starting in the PR industry or are a seasoned pro looking to expand into a new niche, finding new clients is TOUGH!

The process can involve a lot of rejection —  both from clients who decide to work with another agency and from you declining a client who’s practically a walking red flag ❌

And if you’re a total newbie? Landing your first client can feel like climbing Mt. Everest ⛰️

But, as anyone who’s ever taken a MAJOR leap of faith can tell you, we all have to start somewhere!

Your same old same old strategies won’t work here…to build a solid foundation for the future of your agency, you need PROVEN tactics to secure your first PR client 🤩

Listen now to discover four of my BEST tips for landing new clients — whether you’re brand new to PR or an established industry veteran!

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