5 Reasons to Join The Pitch Lab

Mar 08, 2021

Finding success in public relations is all about honing in on your ideal clients and offering them incredibly tailored services. But making these services scalable isn’t always so straightforward. 

Trying to build your agency on your own is overwhelming, and I’ll speak from experience here — it’s lonely! That’s why I’ve created a community filled with professionals who support each other and promote everyone’s growth mindset. 

How do you know what your path to success looks like in PR? 

Joining The Pitch Lab is an incredible opportunity to discover your success path and secure the support you need. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over what The Pitch Lab is, five impactful reasons to join, and how it could help you. 

What Is The Pitch Lab, Anyways? 

The Pitch Lab is a monthly membership experience that gives you all the tools, training, and resources you need to up-level and offer PR services to your new and existing clients.

When you take the time to focus on growing your business, you start to see results! 

I created The Pitch Lab because I want you to be able to build a profitable agency. And the biggest factor in finding clients and success in PR is really investing in yourself and constantly learning so that you can adapt. That’s what The Pitch Lab is all about! 

It’s possible to land retainer clients and earn consistent and predictable recurring retainer. When you take the time to focus on growing your business, you start to see results! 

5 Reasons You Should Join The Pitch Lab

If you’re looking for ways to take control of your earning potential, be able to charge more, and make more money, The Pitch Lab could be right for you. 

Here are five specific reasons you should consider joining The Pitch Lab! 

1. You’re Ready To Find (& Land!) More Dream Clients In Your Niche

To find success in public relations, you need to niche down. But from there, how do you actually go about finding (and landing) your dream clients? 

If no one knows who you are, or what you offer, you can’t be a magnet for the right clients.

Brands & experts everywhere are looking to leverage the power of PR for massive exposure and to stay relevant in the eyes of their target audience. This makes PR one of the most in-demand services for all types of industries...

This means that PR is also a massive opportunity for you! 

Knowing how to secure top-tier press coverage consistently is a skill and service that clients are willing to pay for—handsomely.

In The Pitch Lab, we focus on teaching you how to find and land your dream clients. Plus, you’ll learn how to position yourself as an expert in your niche!

2. You Want To Be Part of a Supportive, Collaborative Community

A lot of PR pros feel like they’re going at this alone. You might even struggle with feeling like you compete with other PR pros. 

The Pitch Lab is a unique community of pros who are helping their clients gain visibility through the power of PR. You don’t have to go through this journey of building your business alone! 

In The Pitch Lab, you will get support in some impactful ways, like: 

  • Get valuable feedback on your pitches, website, and questions
  • Access monthly live Q&A sessions in a private Facebook group for The Pitch Lab members only
  • Have peers who act as a sounding board and support system
  • Learn new strategies to become a pitching powerhouse

The Pitch Lab community is INCREDIBLY supportive and collaborative. This community is unlike any other in the industry. PR pros of every level come together to support each other’s success. 

I wish I had been able to experience something like this when I started my agency! This community is filled with people who share their best ideas and strategies. 

3. Master The Art Of The Pitch

Your pitching skills make up the foundation of finding success in PR. In The Pitch Lab, you’ll truly master the art of pitching and become a Pitching PowerhouseTM

Socialize and strategize with PR pros who are securing top-tier media outlets and features for their clients. You’ll be able to do the same thing in your OWN business!

What if you could learn precisely how to pitch the right way and create pitches that convert every time? The Pitch Lab has the complete guide to crafting targeted PR pitches. You’ll land coveted placements for your clients in top-tier publications. 

Another huge part of building your business is creating a media list and contact database. This can be incredibly time-consuming (not to mention expensive!). In The Pitch Lab, you’ll get resources to create your go-to media list even if you don’t have access to a pricey database. 

We share all the best lessons, secrets, and strategies for landing coverage for your clients...in every niche. 

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4. You’re Ready To Save Tons of Time and Money While Building Your Biz

Creating plans for clients, social media strategies, and unique, timely, and relevant pitch angles is SO time-consuming. Luckily, there’s an easier way! 

In The Pitch Lab, you’ll receive a NEW fresh execution plan every month. These plans will save you HOURS of time on client work. Plus, each one includes irresistible pitch angles the media CANNOT ignore!

This eliminates virtually ALL the guesswork so you can focus on implementation. 

You’ll get relevant and timely strategies & topics for PR coverage during current events, holidays, monthly awareness observances, seasonal events, and more to help your clients stand out.

Each plan is created by a qualified team of seasoned PR Pros, all with at least a decade of experience and success in various niches. Quickly and easily plan your individual clients’ monthly PR activities, pitches, events, and content using the Execution Plan you receive EACH MONTH in The Pitch Lab. 

You can even plan for the upcoming month or quarter! 

5. You’ll Get An Exact Roadmap To Success

Sometimes, building your agency or starting to implement PR services feels like a shot in the dark. You try different things hoping to see something work and stick! 

Instead, you want a proven strategy for building your business and creating client results. Access exclusive expert-level masterclasses to help you exceed client expectations and up-level your PR strategies. 

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the idea of crafting successful pitches. In The Pitch Lab, you’ll have access to the best lessons, secrets, and strategies for landing TV, print, and digital coverage for your clients. 

You’ll learn and get mentorship from me (an award-winning PR pro with 15+ years of experience!) as well as many other qualified PR pros in the community! 

Join The Pitch Lab now to save yourself time and money while building a successful agency. You’ll get the exact strategies you need to approach ANY media outlet with well-crafted pitches confidently. You’ll be able to secure top-tier media coverage for your clients.

Never stress or second-guess your pitching abilities again! Gain the confidence and in-demand skills you need to get those high-paying retainer rates from your dream clients.  

You’ll get resources every month that make growing and scaling your business easy and stress-free. If you’re ready to land more clients, press features, and higher retainers, join The Pitch Lab now!