6 Best PR Tools to Help You Get Better Results for Your Clients

Apr 03, 2023

Every PR pro needs to have at least a few PR tools at their disposal if they want to consistently score big wins for their clients. These tools help elevate your existing skills; online software can take your already-stellar work to the next level and give you the edge you need to stand out in your niche. It’s time to implement new tools and start generating killer results for your clients month after month!

6 Powerful PR Tools to Help Improve Your Results 

I know it can be intimidating to switch up your routines with new software, especially if you and your team have been working with the same processes for a while. But trust me — adding a few easy-to-use programs to your PR toolkit can transform your results! Here are six of my favorite PR tools to help enhance every aspect of your agency, from your content and strategies to your media relationships within your niche and beyond.

#1: Prowly

Prowly is the newest addition to my own PR toolkit and it’s been a game-changer. Prowly is a comprehensive platform that has all the PR tools you need to be successful as a PR pro, all in one place! It’s an amazing resource, especially for small or mid-size agencies and solopreneurs. 

There are tons of PR tools within Prowly to help streamline your processes. You can put together interactive and engaging reports with their templates, set up media monitoring to catch new client mentions and analyze the sentiment and content of each hit, and track your pitch engagements for perfectly-timed follow-ups. Plus, your data syncs between all of Prowly’s programs, so your reports and metrics are always accurate and up-to-date. 

My favorite feature, though, is the online newsroom. Your online newsroom is the source for journalists and editors looking for information about your clients. You can set up customized (and mobile-friendly!) newsroom pages to share news, brand updates, and social posts from each of your clients. 

Just send the Prowly newsroom link to your contacts and include it in your pitches to make sure they have all the info they need to write their stories. You’ll make their jobs way easier, ensure misinformation from around the internet doesn’t sneak its way into their articles, and give your media relationships a massive boost.

#2: Substack 

It might not be what you think of when you imagine PR tools, but we love Substack at my agency! Substack is essentially an email marketing platform where writers share their latest pieces, personal stories, and upcoming opportunities through a newsletter. That last one is the most important: lots of journalists put out calls for pitches in their Substacks, both for last-minute opportunities and ones with a solid runway. 

Responding to a Substack-exclusive pitch is huge for your media relationships. It shows your media contacts that you’re truly plugged into their world, are invested in their work, and support them regardless of whether or not they give your clients a placement. Staying engaged on Substack helps you secure high-impact features for your clients while solidifying your media relationships. Major win-win! 

#3: Google Analytics 

Google Analytics, or GA, is one of the more intimidating PR tools out there (PR pros are creatives, not data whizzes!), but it’s so worth it. GA helps you track your client’s traffic and see how their audience engages with their content. It shows you exactly where the traffic is coming from, which pages get the most hits, how many people engage with a certain campaign, and more. 

With all this information at your fingertips, you can dive deeper into what works and what doesn’t and adjust your strategies accordingly to improve your results for the next campaign. If a ton of your client’s traffic comes from Instagram, you’ll know to make that a priority going forward. On the flip side, if a certain phrase or image doesn’t inspire clicks, you can course correct and remove it from future content.

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#4: ShareASale 

If you work with product-based businesses, listen up! Affiliate marketing is absolutely essential, and ShareASale is my go-to affiliate platform for my clients. Affiliate marketing gives journalists, editors, and influencers a small commission on every sale made using their affiliate link or code. ShareASale helps you set up an affiliate program, track clicks for each affiliate link or uses for each code, and compile reports for your clients. 

Out of all the PR tools, this one is a must-have for product-based PR pros. Lots of journalists and editors prioritize products with affiliate programs when writing stories or deciding on placements; sometimes you’ll miss out on key opportunities simply because your client doesn’t have an affiliate program! Influencers share their links and codes with their audiences, too, which can extend your client’s reach to people outside their target demographic. 

#5: Canva 

If you’ve ever made social media content for your clients or tested out a new brand look, you’ve probably already used this PR tool! Canva is a super intuitive photo-editing software that lets you create any and every type of graphic you can imagine. They have hundreds of free templates you can use to get started, plus tons of images, small graphics and stickers, and text fonts for you to fully customize your design. 

I primarily use Canva to create my client proposals, press clips, and product one-pages, but the possibilities are honestly endless. Every piece of their drag-and-drop templates can be edited and customized to work for your needs. You can even save your agency’s brand colors, fonts, and logo so that all your content is consistent. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, you can lock templates with your agency’s branding to make creating new content quick and simple. 

#6: The Pitch Lab

Last but certainly not least on our PR tools roundup is The Pitch Lab! The Pitch Lab is my very own membership program designed to uplevel your pitching skills to help you generate bigger and better results for your clients. It has everything you need to become a Pitching Powerhouse, whether you’re diving into PR for the first time or want to brush up on your skills after a few years in the industry. 

Members get access to nine core content stacks to walk you through the pitching strategies and skills in our Pitching Roadmap, along with a huge library of masterclasses to dive deep into specific topics. Plus, you’ll attend monthly live Q&A sessions inside our private Facebook community to get support from the whole group, and receive monthly execution plans that outline exactly what to pitch and when. Our members have scored major wins for their clients within days of joining The Pitch Lab!

PR tools aren’t meant to do the work for you — they’re here to enhance the skills you’ve already developed and take your results to the next level. Implementing just one or two of these six PR tools can be the difference between scoring a game-changing feature for your client or letting it slip through your fingers!