How to Fearlessly Take on the Leadership Role in Your Agency & Skyrocket Your Growth

Mar 04, 2024

All too often, agency owners fall into the trap of taking whatever work comes their way — even if it takes them farther from their dreams. But, when you’re in a leadership role, YOU have total control over your agency. You decide your niche, the clients you work with, the services you offer…everything!

Taking charge of your agency means leading fearlessly and working to grow your business intentionally. Developing your dream agency is all about embracing your strength and confidence as the leader of your business!


How to Fully Step Into Your Leadership Role and Take Control of Your Business’s Growth

Becoming a leader takes work. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to start embracing your leadership potential and build the agency you’ve always dreamed of!

#1: Let Yourself Be the Expert You Are

Clients aren’t always right! Yep, I said it. They might have an idea of what they think they need, but when it comes down to it, those efforts might not move the needle for them.

If you’re listening to a prospective client’s wishes and your alarm bells start going off, don’t ignore them! Take it as a sign to model your expertise and show your potential clients what you can realistically do for them.

Instead of nodding along with your prospective client, step into your leadership role and explain why their ideas may not be the best plan for achieving their goals. Walk them through what you’d do — but don’t give away your whole strategy! Give enough guidance and expert knowledge to show that you’re trustworthy. Use your authority and give them your expert input.

#2: Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Everything you do in your business builds momentum. Each client you take on helps you grow your expertise, establishes your authority in your niche, and can lead to future opportunities through referrals.

If you’re heading down a path you don’t like, it will only get harder to step away if you don’t change course! If a client lead comes your way but their brand or niche doesn’t interest you, don’t say yes just to get the work! Embrace your leadership role by taking a stand for yourself and saying no.

It’s hard to turn down work — trust me, I know. But what’s the point of saying yes to something you’ll hate? You’re much better off building your business intentionally and only saying yes to opportunities that align with your agency’s vision.

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#3: Say Goodbye to a Reactive Mindset

A reactive mindset often looks like accepting a client because it’s guaranteed revenue rather than because the opportunity will help you nurture your vision for your agency.

If any of these statements sound familiar to you, it’s a sign you’re stuck in a reactive mindset:

  • A client in a niche I hate? Sure! 
  • Projects completely out of my expertise? It’ll be fine! 
  • A total pain-in-the-ass client who ruins my days? I’ll handle it!

A reactive mindset is powerful. It’ll keep you from fully stepping into your leadership role and taking your agency to the next level. You NEED to get out of this mindset ASAP!

Remember, not everyone gets to work with you. It doesn’t matter if you offer the service they’re interested in — you’re in charge. YOU make the final decision on this partnership. Be intentional in your leadership, and take a proactive approach to bring new clients into your agency.

#4: Know Your Value

Your value as an agency owner is FAR more than a simple hours-to-dollars calculation. Charging an hourly rate for your services will keep you trapped at your current level.

Instead, step into your leadership role by switching to a retainer pricing system. With retainer pricing, your fee encompasses everything you do, not specific tasks. Unlike charging an hourly rate, a retainer doesn’t put a stopping point on your potential.

Plus, retainers attract premium clients with premium budgets!

When you use retainer pricing, you don’t have to tie yourself up with small clients, discounted services, or projects you hate. Don't say yes to every little project just to get that revenue — you won’t develop true expertise in your niche or grow your agency that way. Being a generalist makes it hard to establish your authority and become the go-to agency in your niche…and top-tier clients want those experts!

#5: Get Into a Flow State in Your Leadership Role

A flow state is like agency owner nirvana — it’s where it all comes together!

Being in a flow state means you’re:

  • Working in a niche you love
  • Collaborating with clients you love
  • Executing projects in your zone of genius
  • Taking your agency to the next level at the right time

I’ve coached tons of agency owners who felt that getting into a flow state was totally impossible…only for them to achieve it within weeks of us working together!

To get into a flow state, you need to ditch your limiting beliefs and step into a better, healthier agency owner mindset. Get rid of your reactive mindset and start proactively building your business. Be your own advocate when clients push for bad ideas or unrealistic expectations. Let go of false narratives dictating your worth and charge your true value. Believe in yourself and know you are in the leadership role you were always meant to be in

#6: Develop Your Niche Expertise

Often, newbie agency owners think the more services they offer, the more opportunities will come. But that’s not true! In fact, it’s the opposite — niche expertise and focused offerings seal the deal with top-tier clients.

Plus, you don’t have to pick just one niche! Pursuing two or three niches is okay if you’re truly passionate about all of them.

I should know — my agency works in the baby and kids, beauty and cosmetics, AND health and wellness niches! Despite working in multiple industries, my team and I have established our leadership role and developed a reputation as go-to experts because of our passion and knowledge.

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#7: Fully Step Into Your Greatness

Take it from me: no matter how long you’ve run your agency, imposter syndrome can always swoop in.

But, imposter syndrome only strikes when you’re on the cusp of something great. It’s a sign that you’re growing and moving into a new phase of your life, pushing your potential in your leadership role and your business.

Reframe your view on imposter syndrome as a good thing. The next time you start doubting yourself and think you’re not ready for an opportunity, remind yourself that these feelings come up when you step into a bigger role.

We talk A LOT about this mindset shift in my Elevate Group Coaching program. You are a leader! You deserve to let your greatness shine.

#8: Follow Your Instincts

Don’t ignore the red flags. If you meet with a potential client and your gut says no, take that feeling seriously! That’s your intuition speaking, and you should always listen to it.

Intuition keeps you on the right track and leads you to the opportunities you’re meant to have. Your gut doesn’t lie to you. If something feels wrong, it’s time to turn the other way. But if something feels right, go after it 100%!

Following your instincts is key to running your business, especially in the early stages. Pay attention to the feelings you have when talking to clients. Reflect on what excites you when considering services, and tune into your gut when making business decisions. The more you listen to yourself, the more focused and intentional you’ll be when running your agency, and the more confident you’ll feel in taking on your leadership role.

No one ever said it was easy to be a leader! But there’s nothing more rewarding than growing toward a vision you defined for yourself. It’s your agency. You call the shots, and the sooner you take on the challenge of stepping into your leadership role, the more you’ll watch yourself bloom!