What is the Best Media Contacts Database for a PR Pro?

Apr 19, 2021

Connecting with the right contacts in the right way is the KEY to successfully landing press for your clients. But how do you get connected with those critical media contacts? A media contacts database is one effective solution. 

There are tons of media contact databases out there for PR pros...but they are NOT all the same. That’s why I want to share my best tips for choosing (and utilizing!) a media contacts database. 

What Is A Media Contacts Database? 

A media contacts database documents the key media contacts that would be interested in stories about your clients. 

You want to create compelling pitches surrounding your clients’ businesses, products, or areas of expertise. After all, pitching is a fundamental PR skill to help you land press features for your clients. 

A database like this houses all of the vital information you’ll need to pitch the right people! 

The types of contacts included in a media contacts database can vary but will usually have: 

  • Journalists
  • Reporters
  • Bloggers
  • Producers
  • Freelance Writers
  • Editors
  • Influencers 

Plus, these contacts will range across print and online media, blogs and podcasts, and television.

There are several different media contacts databases that you can purchase access to, like Cision, Meltwater, Muckrack, and Prowly. 

But how do you know what media contacts database is suitable for you? 

What To Consider When Choosing A Media Contacts Database

There are advantages and disadvantages to investing in a media contacts database. Each one has its benefits… but they can also be costly! 

Weighing out your options is a smart way to grow your network and business without causing yourself stress. 

Sometimes, bigger media contacts databases are also hard to access, even though you’re paying thousands for them. Because of time zones and HUGE numbers of people accessing each one, you might have to be patient. 

There are other ways to access those key contacts, though! From putting together your own database to choosing a smaller, more curated (and affordable!) one, here are some other options. 

If You Can’t Afford A Database, DIY-ing One Is Totally Okay

For many PR pros, a media contacts database seems out of reach because it can cost thousands and thousands of dollars each year. Especially if you’re just getting started in public relations, you might feel like you just can’t afford something like this. 

But don’t worry! This won’t hold you back in the PR world at all. 

If you don’t have the budget for one of those huge databases, you can put something together yourself—that’s how I got started! It’s an excellent way to save money as you get started. 

DIY-ing a media contacts database shouldn’t make you feel like you’re not qualified. 

Instead, change your mindset! You can still charge a solid retainer without a media contacts database. 

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Consider A Smaller, Curated Media Contacts Database

Honestly, those hefty costs were the impetus for me to create a peer-curated media contacts database for my community. We want to give everyone access to a really solid pool of media contacts. This gives you the confidence to start reaching out and pitching. 

You can get access to this database at a standalone cost, or by purchasing an annual membership to The Pitch Lab

Our Media Contacts Database is very reasonable and affordable. 

With other databases, you’re paying for services that you’re probably not going to need. They usually include services designed for super large agencies. 

If you’re going to pay for distribution on a press release, you can pay one-off. You don’t need it baked into your cost! There’s a lot of bells and whistles in the big databases that you won’t even need at this stage in your business. 

The goal of our Media Contacts Database is to give you access to a solid foundation of contacts. That way, no matter what stage you’re at, you’ll have the confidence to move forward as a professional business owner. 

Sometimes, with those bigger databases, you might hear crickets after getting in touch with a contact. That’s because those databases aren’t always up-to-date. After all, they’re SO big. 

On the flip side, we’ve been told by our members that contacts in our database are incredibly responsive. 

Part of that is because we know all of our members are actively pitching. If there’s a change, our members update us with changes and out-of-office contact updates—we’re actively updating the database in real-time! 

This is a much better solution for smaller companies that are getting their start. But we even have established people that are getting good use out of it, too! 

Having a media contacts database is an easy, effective way to access the right contacts for your clients. But a media contacts database shouldn’t be reserved for some elite agency with a huge budget.

Everyone should be able to access the right contacts at the moment they need them. Grab our Media Contacts Database today and start cultivating your media contacts now!