6 Types of Leveraged Offers You Can Create as a PR Pro

May 29, 2020

Are you using leveraged offers to increase your revenue as a PR Pro? This is one of the best ways to leverage what you already know and package it up so that you can make some passive income to add to your monthly client retainer income. 

I have two sides to my business. On one side, I work with clients to grow their revenue and business as a PR agency owner with Jeneration PR. I also have Profitable PR Pros, the other side of my business that includes programs that I’ve created that leverage my expertise. I use those programs as a way to sell my knowledge and help other people learn how to build a successful PR business. 

You can do the same in your business! 

6 Types of Leveraged Offers You Can Create as a PR Pro

1. Content Creation

You may have your own content creation process. Some people really struggle with creating content either for their social media content or website content.

If you have a seamless process that you follow, you can create a digital product that shows people your process for creating content. Make a separate product for social media and a separate product for other content like blog posts, or a sales page. Each product has its own process to follow. 

Package up that knowledge and you can sell it repeatedly. This is how you show people how they can do content creation themselves. 

2. Social Media Audit

If you have a process you follow for a social media audit, you can leverage this offer for people to do it themselves. You can show them where to look for data, what metrics to look at, and how to read the metrics. 

You could create a video to walk people through the process and show them the exact steps to take. You can show them what numbers to take and put in a spreadsheet that you can also create for them. 

You’re selling a process and a template to follow. Instead of you taking 2 or 3 hours to do a social media audit, you can teach others how to do it. This is how you leverage your offers to sell to many people at once. 

3. Create Pitches

Another product you can consider as a PR professional is how you create pitches.

If you’re someone who is really great at telling stories you can help people by creating pitches with storytelling. Help people find their most interesting characteristics, gems, and nuggets about themselves and show them how to put their story together. You can show how they can position themselves and create a pitch. 

If this is your secret sauce and you’re really good at it, you can package this up and sell it. 

4. Coaching and Consulting

This can be a high ticket offer. 

It can be a 1:1 call where you make it a complete VIP implementation day. This is where you’re giving the whole strategy and the approach to do it themselves and working through it and implementing together. 

It’s not the same as serving lots of people at one time, but you can still have a system for this offer and charge more money booking out one on one calls. When you have a system in place, this type of coaching is easy to implement. 

5. Create Graphic Templates

You could sell graphic templates for Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram using Canva.

An example of someone who does this is Jasmine Star. She created “Social Curator” and has more than a million-dollar business.  This is a membership where she gives you Instagram templates, Story templates, caption templates, and photos. 

She is able to sell these to thousands of people, so it’s very profitable.

6. Showing Your Expertise As A Photographer

My studio photographer has a new program she’s offering called “Slay The Flat Lay.” In this program, she shows people how she does her photoshoots. She reveals a lot of secrets and special things that she knows how to do and is helping so many people.

But everything that she gives away elevates her expertise. You can do this with photography or any other specific niche.

Remember — You Are Unique

What you offer in a course may be the same type of service someone else offers, but there is no one else like you. Your offer will be unique to you. Even if 100 people are offering the same thing.

And don’t be afraid that someone will take your job from you just because you’ve revealed your secrets. You could teach the exact same thing I do and go after the exact same niche of clients as I do, but because you are unique and I am unique, we will have a different approach to what we’re teaching. 

And there’s enough work to go around for everyone. So share what you know how to do so that you can serve more people and save yourself time and have better ROI with these leveraged offers. 

How To Sell Your Leveraged Offers

One way to sell your offer is to first create a freebie or tripwire. This is used as an opt-in where people give you their email address in exchange for the freebie you created. Then after they sign up you can offer your smaller leveraged product for a discount for a limited time. 

That is called a self-liquidating offer. It's super simple to set up. And you can do this for every product you create. Make the freebie similar to the product you’ve created and you can sell it on your thank you page for the freebie. This is called an upsell. 

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The First Thing To Do Is Find Your Audience

The first thing you’ll want to do is create an audience. You’ll want to find at least 100 leads who will sign up for your emails. As you communicate with people on your email list, you can ask them what specifically they’d like to learn from you. 

When you know exactly who you serve and what they want to know from you and how you can get it to them, you become a magnet to that particular audience. Your audience wants to be part of everything you create. 

Just be your authentic self in your content and on videos. Don’t worry about mistakes as much as getting content out there and attracting your ideal audience. 

The online learning space is absolutely booming right now. People are wanting to grow their expertise and learn other avenues for earning an income online. 

So think about how you can lend your expertise, who you want to serve, and how you can serve them. 

Leveraged offers are a great way to help people in their business and a way to get more income into your business without spending all day working on your computer. 

My passion is teaching PR professionals. I want people to run businesses that light them up. I want people to implement PR and be so pumped by the amazing results they get for their clients. That lights me up. But it also lights me up to help you leverage your services and make more passive income too. 

Are you ready to leverage your expertise and create offers to help people in their businesses?