How to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

Nov 02, 2020

One of the most important parts of niching down and finding success in PR is narrowing down who your ideal client is. When you’re trying to build a PR business, choosing a niche helps you become an expert in something specific. But choosing a niche also means choosing an ideal client to focus on. 

In today’s blog post, let’s talk about everything that has to do with choosing your ideal client. Why is this so important? How do you actually figure out who the best ideal client is for your business? Let’s get started. 

Why Is Discovering Your Ideal Client Important? 

When you are starting (or growing!) a business, you have to stop operating from a place of fear. To do this, you need a clear vision for the business you want to run. Knowing what you want your business to look like and how it should serve your life helps you make decisions with clarity. This means discovering your ideal client and getting super-specific in reaching that person, over and over again!

As you build your business, make a plan: what type of clients do you want to work with? What kinds of services are you going to offer? Anything that doesn’t align with that vision should be kicked to the curb immediately. This sounds like it might cut off opportunities, but really it’s the opposite. Planning out a specific vision for your business (and your life) helps you learn to be selective, making your business a more enjoyable experience. 

Let’s be real: your business SHOULD be something you enjoy and love every single day. That’s why you need to plan out what would actually make you excited to start working each day. You’re in charge here, so decide what type of clients you want to work with, what niche you’ll serve, how many hours a day you want to spend in front of your computer, and even how many days per week you’ll take off. It all starts with knowing who you want to serve! 

How to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Clients Are

Now that you know how important it is to discover your ideal clients, how should you get started? It can be overwhelming to try and narrow your focus. Don’t worry—there are a few simple things you should consider as you navigate this process. 

Figure Out What Lights You Up

You need to laser in on the work that lights you up. This could be something you decide based on work you’ve done in the past or even things that you’re excited about and interested in trying. What sparks your interest the most? 

You want to build a business that you’re going to love in the long-term. If there’s a crossover between your personal life, hobbies, or passions, and your work, it’s a great place to start because you already know you’ll love it. When you follow your passions, you’ll light up during the sales process. That genuine excitement comes through and creates results! 

Make Sure This Client Is Someone You’ll Enjoy Working With Long-Term

Will you still enjoy this niche and this type of client 5-10 years from now? You never want to choose a niche that you’re not excited about and get stuck with it. This sounds straightforward, but especially as you follow your interest, make sure they’re lifelong. For example, if you have a wedding coming up soon, you’re probably excited about all things bridal. But in a few years, this might not be something you’re interested in at all. Make sure to choose a niche that’s long-term for you! 

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Use Your Past Experience In Deciding on a Client Niche

Can you take a past experience you’ve had and leverage it in some way? When you’re deciding on an ideal client within your niche, start with what you already know. If you’ve worked with someone before and really didn’t enjoy it, don’t continue down that path. As you work with different people, you gain insights about what serves you and lights you up and what doesn’t, and that’s okay! You don’t have to continue working with the same type of client if you don’t love it—here’s your permission to pivot. You’re building YOUR business, so you should love it. 

On that same note, if you know that specific services tailored to a certain client make you excited or weigh you down, take that into account, too. Maybe you love planning high-end events—you’ll want to select an ideal client who needs that service. 

Your Decision Should Flow Naturally

Choosing an ideal client should be a natural process. What are your superpowers within your business? Why do you people choose to hire you? What can you rattle off without even thinking about it? Your expertise is sometimes so intuitive to you that most of the time, people won’t even know the basics of a topic that you’re absolutely an expert in! Use that to your advantage as you choose your ideal client. 

What Do You Do If a Current Client Doesn’t Meet This New Ideal? 

If you took on a few clients and find that they no longer align with your new vision, it’s okay to not work with them anymore. Your business should bring you joy! If working with a client no longer brings you joy, it’s alright to stop. The same thing applies to the services you offer to specific clients! Someone else might find greater joy in that project anyway, which would create better results for the client and open you up to more opportunities for richer client relationships. 

Niching down helps you create a business that lights you up while being super profitable. As you grow, nothing is more important than focusing on your vision. How will your business serve your life? What do you want your business to look like? All of these decisions stem from who you choose as your ideal client. 

Who is your ideal client?