5 Reasons to Join The Agency Accelerator

Mar 15, 2021

Building your PR agency starts with identifying, finding, and landing your dream clients. Even more important, you need to find those dream clients who are willing to pay what you’re truly worth! 

What if you could learn exactly how hugely successful agency owners grow their businesses to 6 figures (and beyond)? 

I’ve spent over 16 years running a PR agency that I really love. If you’re ready to do the same, it’s time to consider joining The Agency Accelerator

It’s 100% possible to do work that truly lights you up without sacrificing what’s important to you. What you need to do to get there is invest in yourself and your business the right way!

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over: 

  • What The Agency Accelerator is
  • Five impactful reasons to join
  • How it could help you grow your business

Let’s get started! 

What Is The Agency Accelerator?

Let’s start off by establishing: The Agency Accelerator is not a course. It’s a program that provides a proven framework for launching, growing, and scaling a profitable PR Agency on YOUR terms. 

The Agency Accelerator is a database of resources, templates, strategies, and processes. You can plug these tools directly into your agency to become streamlined and profitable! 

In this program, you’ll learn exactly how to structure your PR Agency. You'll also learn how to find your dream high-paying clients and build the income stream you've dreamed of!

One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in securing your ideal clients is buttoning up your business before starting client outreach. 

When you know exactly what you’re doing, you feel more confident. 

It also just makes your life easy to have frameworks and processes in place in your business. 

We’ve cultivated proven processes that you can copy, adapt, and utilize in your own business. In The Agency Accelerator, you learn exactly how to structure your PR agency for maximum profitability and maximum ease. 

5 Reasons You Should Join The Agency Accelerator

The Agency Accelerator might be exactly what you need in order to achieve your dreams (while balancing your personal and professional life!) 

Here are five reasons to consider joining The Agency Accelerator now! 

1. You Want to Feel Excited About What You’re Doing Every Day

Here’s the truth. I’ve been running my agency for over 16 years now, and I truly love what I do—every single day. You can feel the same way! 

It’s absolutely possible to do work that truly lights you up. You don’t have to sacrifice what matters most to you in order to find success — whether that’s family time, travel, or something else! 

What if you could learn exactly how hugely successful agency owners grow their businesses to six figures and beyond? 

I want to teach you how to build this agency YOUR way. 

With a proven success path and plug-and-play tools, you’ll save time and energy while building something you’re proud of. 

2. You’re Ready To Master All Things Clients

In The Agency Accelerator, we start off by helping you identify and attract your ideal clients. You’ll learn techniques to land premium clients that won’t bat an eye at your rates! 

Even more important, you’ll learn how to avoid red flags when speaking with clients. Trust me—this will save you time and money, and you won’t sign clients who deplete your energy (and sanity!)

When you join The Agency Accelerator, you learn every part of the client process. Find your dream clients, charging what you’re worth, and avoid problematic clients. 

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3. You Want Community Support And To Not Feel Alone In Building Your Business

So many PR pros feel like they’re doing things all on their own, and like the world of PR is super competitive. 

With The Agency Accelerator, and especially in The Agency Accelerator Plus, it’s not like that! 

The Agency Accelerator Plus is a supplemental monthly membership with even more support. You receive access to a private Facebook group and monthly group coaching calls. 

You can learn and get mentorship from someone who has successfully run their own PR agency for the past 15+ years (plus all of the other expert PR pros in the community)! 

It’s a supportive atmosphere that will also keep you accountable. Your vibe honestly attracts your tribe, and we’ve built an incredible tribe in this program!

4. You’ll Have A Proven Roadmap For Success

Inside this program, you’re able to learn from a community of pros at all levels of their careers. 

But you’ll also be given a time-tested roadmap for success to build an agency you love. 

Learn behind-the-scenes strategies, like mindset, finances, scoring high-quality clients, and building your team. You can come back to these resources again and again as you tackle different challenges over the years! 

5.Gain Access To Time-Saving Resources  

In The Agency Accelerator, you gain effective resources to save you time so you can focus on what matters most. From copy-and-paste templates to resources that will save you tons of time, these resources are truly business-changing. 

Here are just a few examples of these resources: 

  • Proposal template that scored a $15,000 per month client
  • New client outreach CRM template
  • Client call agenda
  • 5-day media magnet training
  • 5 leads in 5 days bonus
  • Access to our huge Q&A resource vault

These will help you focus on what lights you up (your zone of genius!) and move through the rest stress-free.  

Join The Agency Accelerator now to make a life-changing investment into your business. This program puts you on the fast track to growing your agency (in a way that really serves you)! 

It’s the ONLY program of its kind, designed to help you start and scale a profitable PR Agency in 10 weeks or less. I’ve built a 7-figure PR agency, and I want to help you do the same! You’ll learn exactly how to structure your PR Agency. 

This program has helped hundreds of other PR Pros launch, grow, and scale successful PR agencies —  and it can help you, too. 

If you’re ready to fast-track your growth, join The Agency Accelerator now!